The Wicked Want to Mock God’s People

I speak unto you this day and I tell you the truth: There are many who have and still do conspire against you. Their desire is to uproot you, to destroy your integrity in Me, and to prove that they are right and you are wrong. Know that their hatred for you stems from their hatred for Me. Therefore, do not be trusting in their cunning craftiness, for they are full of lies, deceptions, delusions, and pretensions.

Beware when you are approached by such ones, for their motives towards you are not good, nor do they believe in Me. Such ones are mockers and scoffers, and they love to deceive and destroy. This is because they are of their father the devil, and it is his work that they do on this earth.

As you well know, the liar has been at work throughout the ages to kill, steal and destroy any and all who dare to stand for Me. He does not cease in his efforts to undermine and devastate the ones who are standing faithful and true to Me as their Maker. Keeping this in mind, be diligent to continue steadfast in the way that I provide, the path that leads to eternal life.

For too long, men, women and children have proven themselves to be fools by allowing themselves to be lured into the traps of the wicked. When you are forewarned by My Holy Spirit who speaks to you through discernment, do not be determined to prove the Spirit wrong. Instead, humble yourselves and accept the reality of what is transpiring, and do not imagine that the wicked will do you justice. The wicked will not do you justice; they will bring you great despair and sorrow because you believed their flattering words and walked into their trap.

If you inquire of Me and I tell you the truth, then you are accountable to Me for the truth you have heard. Do not be as those who inquire of Me, receive My truth, then turn and do as they please. Such ones as these are rebels before Me. I am disturbed by those who claim they want to hear of Me but do not listen to My words and obey the same.

Know of a surety that My word does not return unto Me void. It accomplishes that which I intend it to achieve. Therefore, do not go off into the mindset of your own understanding and be separated from Me by the same. Instead, seek My wisdom, knowledge and understanding, that you be walking in truth rather than the delusions and deceits of the liars.

When men and women are out only for their own promotion, they are a disgust before Me. This is because they are self-lovers and are striving to attain their goals through deceit and destruction. Believe Me, they will always side against those who represent the truth, and choose to defend liars. Do not expect them to come into My light. They do not want the light, because their deeds are evil. I know who they are, and when I give warning against such ones, believe Me.

It is plainly evident in these times that the multitudes would rather believe the liars than trust in Me as their Maker. So, they will reap the rewards of their choices, as will the wicked reap the results of their choices against Me.

Be thankful even today that you can walk uprightly because I have prepared the path that you are to walk in. As you are adhering wholeheartedly to where My Spirit shows you walk, so are you kept. However, if you should choose to go in any other way, you are choosing to be destroyed with the wicked.

These are times when I the Living God am showing forth My vengeance against the wicked for all of their evil doings. With this in mind, do not allow your own carnal mind to usurp the mind of My Spirit. Realize that when My wrath is being revealed, the wise walk with respect towards Me that they continue to receive My mercies.

Do not be led astray nor seduced by the crafty counselors of wickedness. As I will repeat it again to you, listen to Me: The wicked are full of evil, and they only want to use you for their own promotion and gain. It is Me the Living God that you are meant to serve with gladness, because through Me you are given the life that is eternal. Do not be hasty to enter into the clutches of the world. Be quick to enter into My joy, for I am the One who does give to you all that you need.

Continue to trust in Me and adhere to My counsel. Remember, the world loves its own. They do not love My people. When you are following in the steps of My Son Jesus, you will be hated of all men because your lives as well as your words will reprove them of their sins.

Remember how many times I have forewarned you against the crookedness that the wicked operate under. Do not be flattered by their seemingly harmless words, because they are crafty, clever and cunning in their plots to mock and destroy My people.

Remember that vengeance belongs to Me, and I will repay the wicked for their wickedness towards you. Do not be accepting of their lies, nor of their attempts to beguile you and lead you into their traps. Be accepting of the truth when it is given, and walk under the mind of My Holy Spirit, for the same is your counselor and guide.

There are countless men and women who have believed evildoers and blindly walked into the traps that were set for them. In the aftermath of their humiliation, they become angered at Me. However, they chose of their own accord to be flattered, seduced, used and abused. Trust not the wicked.