Do Not Envy Sinners

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Trust completely in Me, for I am the One who cares for you at all times. Look not to the left nor the right, nor to the arm of flesh, for such cannot do as I can. It is a grief to Me when My people trust in the world, while they are failing to trust in Me, the author and finisher of their faith.

I do not intend that you would envy sinners as though they had some great thing. Whenever anyone dies, if they are guilty of unrepentant sins before Me and do not have intention of repentance, they are hell bound. If My people would truly realize that they are in the midst of darkness, they would not look to the world as though the same could be their help.

I desire that My people would see themselves as the pilgrims and strangers that they are in this earth, and by the same keep their focus upon Me. There are many who claim they love Me, yet they do not look to the eternal and strive to receive approval of Me. Instead, they look to the world as though the same could and would provide for them. Do not expect to ever be approved of the world and still remain true to Me. The world will love its own, and those who think that they need the approval of the world are deceiving themselves.

There are multitudes who have been enticed and seduced away from Me by going to the world instead of seeking wisdom from Me. In adhering to the opinions of men, their hearts become fickle towards Me. As they yield to the temptations that are upon them, they are yielding to darkness rather than light. Many commit sins in darkness, thinking that the same is their protection and their shield. Repeatedly committing sins and refusing to repent; it is by such choices that they are destroyed.

Do not partake of fellowship with those who have departed from Me and gone into the wretchedness of sin because they envied sinners and wanted them to approve them in their debauchery. You are not intended to envy sinners; you are intended to walk in the power of the truth that is found in Me. Remember that your daily choices determine your eternal destination.

As people have become accustomed to the sin of the world, they think that the same is normal and natural. However, it is not My intention that they would pursue such a course and be blinded by the god of this world. There is nothing that people have achieved in sin that can redeem them from the inevitable consequence of sin, which is death and damnation. Do not yield to sin as though the same would enrich you. All sin will do is ensnare and entangle you in a web of deception that will cause damnation in the end.

Be glad this day that you do not need to be deceived, nor taken down. You can be uplifted and purposed for what I desire for you. In My purpose and plan, you are enabled to partake of My mercies, which are new every morning. If you serve Me in the attitude of gratitude, you will see how much better My way is for you than the way that sinners are taking.

Therefore, guard your hearts and do not envy sinners, for to do so is to offend Me. Realize that each one of you is accountable to keep themselves unspotted from the world and to walk uprightly before Me. Those who think that they can sin and get by will end in damnation and be in the regions of hell forever.

Why do people choose their own destruction? It is because they are loving to sin and refusing to repent. They are as swine who wallow continually in the mire and are covered in the filthiness and stench of the same. Believe Me, I do not find any pleasure in such ones, nor do I approve their behaviors.

When people are turning to sin, they are the ones who are choosing to be separated from Me. Although they may cry out in anguish, if they are not turning from sin, they remain in the prison houses of shame that hold them bound. The reality is that choices determine more than is surfacely evident, and I desire you to be choosing for life rather than death.

In these times of darkness, know that the only clear light is found in Me. In the crafty inventions of those who are bent on sinning, you will see that they offer seductions on every hand. Resist and refuse those seductions, for they will destroy your souls. Instead, choose to obey the commands of My Spirit, which are given to you to keep you in the upright way.

The world is the broad way, and along that way there are unlimited enticements to sin. However, it is only fools who allow themselves to be enticed and entangled in the treachery of such deceptions. Be alert and aggressively warring against sin. You are not meant to be the victims of sin; you are meant to walk in the reality of the clear light which will expose sin.

Likewise, when My Spirit reveals the enticements and entanglements of the enemies of My purpose, do not refuse to accept the Spirit’s guidance or counsel. I have given to you the indwelling Spirit to keep you in the pathway that leads to eternal life in My kingdom. You are privileged to drink of the pure, clear living waters rather than the filthy, murky waters of sin and death.

Be thankful each day that through My Spirit you are guided and directed away from sinners and sin. Be glad that you are uplifted and shown through the clear light upon your path the way wherein you find safety and security. Do not in any way, at any time, give way to the envy of sinners, for to do so is offensive to Me and will cause you much pain.