Through Godly Power, Kill the Giants

I speak unto you this day and I say: Those of you who are My people, know that you are meant to be the light and the salt in a rotting and decadent world. As anyone can see, the world is rushing to destruction and drawing as many into the rush as possible. When you are living the life that I have intended for you, then you are enabled to show others the way. Likewise, because of the righteousness that you are displaying, I will withhold total destruction because I will honor you.

Consider that while I am showing forth My wrath, fury and indignation throughout the earth, I have not completely destroyed humankind, although I could. This is because I am the God of compassion and tender mercies, and when any will see the error of their ways, repent, and return to My fold, I welcome them. Likewise, the heavenly host, the ones already in My heavenly home, as well as Myself, My Son, and My Holy Spirit, are rejoicing over one sinner who truly repents.

Keeping all of this in mind, when you see the threat of total destruction to all freedoms to worship Me, know that I the Living God will give mercy to My own people. While I am chastening, I am likewise giving instruction through My Spirit unto righteousness. When there are those who are standing as My messengers by depicting the standard I desire, they are the light and the salt.

Do not join the herd of those who are claiming to be watchmen on the wall, yet they are not instilling hope, nor trust in Me. Did not I show repeatedly in the recorded history of My people that I was able to deliver them, save them, and give them victory over enemies who were much stronger than they? Even when I gave to them the Promised Land, they went against the inhabitants of the land. These ones were much stronger and more equipped than they, yet My people gained the victory over such peoples.

It is true that there is much darkness looming on the horizon. Those who should be admonishing people to turn to Me are instead giving glory to the darkness and the ones who are advancing in the same. I do not intend that you glorify the darkness, nor the ones who are bringing such in this sin-sick generation. Rather, you are meant to be the light as well as the salt, giving illumination in times of darkness and holding back the absolute rottenness that is decaying the land.

Therefore, do not be as so many messengers have become, fearful rather than faithful. Know that I have promised to keep the ones who are keeping stayed on Me, in the perfect peace that only I can give and provide to them. It is not intended that you would fall down to the darkness that is coming, but rather that you would continue to shine forth My light. It is only through Me that light has come unto the inhabitants of this earth and this land. Keeping this in mind, do not give way to the fear that has caused many to bow to the giants who have spread themselves out in proud array.

Rather, stand valiant for the truth and remain in righteousness because you are displaying the light and the salt of My kingdom. My true people are not meant to be intimidated by the giants. They are meant to come forth in their faith in Me and see those giants brought down.

When the troops in Saul’s army were being defeated by the giant Goliath, remember that it was by My strategy, through a young man who believed Me, that Goliath was brought down. The giant Goliath, when alive, was full of boasting and mockery, thinking he would remain forever. He had shown forth his powers and caused the multitudes to be locked into fearful foreboding. Then, through My servant David, I brought him down with smooth stones in a slingshot. So, all of the weaponry, the giant’s size, and the supposed invincible powers of the enemy forces headed by this enraged fool, were shown to be helpless against My strategy.

Therefore, in these times, be completely aware that I will again show My power, My glory, and My strength when a people are willing to stand for Me and not cower to the threats of the giants in the land. Saul’s army was bound in fear. It took a young man of faith to defeat Goliath and the Philistines.

Do not be bowing to fear, nor be intimidated by the messengers of death who are rising up as giants in this time. Realize that I have the perfect strategy and I will use the ones who are trusting in Me. Keep on trusting in Me, looking unto Me, and seeking My strategies for victory. The powers of darkness desire to intimidate and take captives of all who will fear such powers. You are not called to attribute more power to mere men than to Me. Remember I am the One who brings powers down and shows them to be helpless and destroyed by Me.

Through the chastening that I am displaying, many will cry out in desperation and desire for My salvation. Such as will turn to Me in the hour of need will see that I hear their cries and deliver them. Instead of glorifying the powers of darkness, I demand My messengers to stand strong for Me and seek for My strategies which will defeat the giants.

Thank Me that you can serve in the attitude of gratitude because you know and believe that I am the One who is with you. Admonish and encourage one another in these times to stand and keep on standing, living in the light and refuting rottenness as the salt. Keep your eyes on Me, follow the Spirit commands, seek for My strategies, and you will see My victory made manifest.