Do Evil

I speak unto you this day, with the reminder that nothing is hidden from Me. It is Me the Living God who is well able to see all that people do. When men and women imagine that they are hiding their works from Me, know that they are deceived. I absolutely do not intend for you to go in the way of fools, imagining that you can do evil and get by.

Endless peoples, tribes and nations have been destroyed and damned, for they falsely believed they could do evil and not receive the retribution of the same. Be aware that I the Living God am not mocked, and all who are choosing to do evil will end in death and damnation by their choices against Me. Needless to say, I have seen such corrupt thinking and behavior throughout all generations, and there are vast multitudes in hell who lived only to do evil.

In these times of great wickedness throughout the earth, be aware that you are not intended to be a partaker of the evil that is all around. Keep yourselves in the place of obedience and subjectivity unto Me as the One who will keep you each and every day. There is no way that I desire you to be under the covering of corruption that rules over humankind.

Realize that when you are choosing Me and you keep yourselves unspotted from the world, you will be brought forth by Me and enabled to be strong and of a good courage, for I am your source and your strength. Know that you do not need to live under the contamination that ends in damnation, for through Me you are made clean and can be kept unspotted.

There are many who draw near to Me with their mouths as they speak great flattering words. However, their deeds are evil and their hearts are hard and impure towards Me. Do not imagine that you need to be partakers of their hypocrisy, nor believe in their lies. These ones love to hear themselves talk and actually believe in their delusional states of being, that they are true to Me. They are not true to Me, for it is themselves that they love as they do evil. Sad to say, they love to do evil more than righteousness, and they are calloused towards true and lasting repentance.

Thank Me that you do not need to live as a pretender nor a mocker. I am not mocked, and those who imagine that they can mock Me and get by are deceiving themselves. I do not find pleasure in the ones who are mockers and scoffers, led about by their own lusts and greed. Such as these have been blinded by the god of this world and they love it so, because they are far distanced from Me. The farther they depart from Me, the more that they do evil and believe that they get by.

I will repeat it over and over, that I see the deeds of all peoples, tribes, nations and generations. Know therefore that it is the fools who will be destroyed by their folly, as they are a law unto themselves. However, as they obey the commands to do evil, they are still accountable before Me. Those who have known My ways then departed from the same, are counted as doubly responsible. This is because those who turn from My goodness to take up wickedness are absolutely full of corruption.

I have many good things prepared for My true people, and the same will be given to them. I will likewise give to the ones who have abandoned Me many miseries, sufferings, afflictions and woes. It is because I am just that I give to people according to their deeds. Believe Me, I am not swayed by the fair speeches of the hypocritical mockers whose hearts are far from Me. I know the wickedness of their doings and I listen not to their flattering words spoken to be approved of men.

It is by the doing of My commands and the actions of righteousness that people display their love for Me. Throughout the ages, peoples have ended in hell by their dumb and foolish choices against Me. Be glad even today that you do not need to be ending in hell, as you continue to live the life that you are intended for. There is no reason to go in the way of fools; there is every reason to go in the way of the wise.

Inasmuch as the wicked are in rule, My people need to examine their own hearts and their deeds and realize that they must keep themselves unspotted from the world. Do not run with the wanton, nor be brought down into the mire of madness that is everywhere. Rather, walk on the highway of My holiness and aim for the higher way, the higher life that I ordain.

People who are committing sins evidence themselves to be stupid, dull and dumb. Repeatedly, they choose to partake of iniquity, and in so choosing they prove themselves to be unworthy, as they are full of adultery. I despise those who think they can do evil, whatever that may be, and I will be near to them. They are a stench unto Me, for I smell the filthiness of their sins.

Serve in the attitude of gratitude so you are not found sinking lower and lower in the quicksand of sin and sucked down into the regions of hell. It is My joy to see you walk uprightly so that your deeds are made evident and your righteousness is openly manifest. When it is Me that you are serving, you will not be made ashamed, nor will you end in damnation at the end of your days on earth.

Keep single in your vision and do not believe the liars who do evil then wipe their mouths and say they have done no evil. Such as these are impure and unclean, and damned by their deeds. Let your deeds be approved of Me, as it is My Spirit who directs you.