Fall to Death or Finish the Climb

I speak to you this day and I say: Be aware of your need for My Spirit’s direction over your lives. These times are terrible, and multitudes are losing their lives. However, you need not be the ones who are falling into death, if you are careful to walk in the pathway that is provided for you.

When men and women set out to climb and conquer mountains, what is before them is highly dangerous. One wrong step, one failed hold, could easily mean death. So it is in these times. There are many dangers and perils that are everywhere, and many are losing their lives in the same. I do not intend for you to lose your lives; I intend for you to be uplifted, directed, and ever guided by My Spirit.

Keeping this in mind, do not grow careless by centering upon the world. Instead, be centered upon Me, for I am the One who desires you to finish the climb upward in Me. You are not to be busy catering to the flesh and by the same neglecting the spirit life that you are meant to pursue. You are meant to walk uprightly in the way that I intend.

Do not be enticed away from the path, even though at times the same seems much too hard for you to continue the climb. Realize that My Spirit is in you and with you, and that when you are continually aware of your need and cry out to Me, I strengthen you to keep on climbing the mountain.

It is My intention that My people would trust in Me in all that they do and all that they pursue in obedience to My commands and plans for them. I do not want My people to be casualties; I want My people to finish the course set before them and to be received into My kingdom. Bear in mind that you are not meant to succumb to the temptation to give up and cast yourselves down. Rather, you are meant to look up and keep progressing upwards.

Be thankful that it is Me who is well able to strengthen you, as you are single in your vision and your purpose to be found well pleasing unto Me. I absolutely do not intend for you to be forsaking My way and going in the way that is death. As children born again of incorruptible seed, you are intended to walk in the new life that is awaiting you.

Therefore, realize that to go in any other way is to veer off of the way that I have for you, is to make yourselves liable for your own death and damnation. If a mountain climber gets his or her eyes off of the direction they are headed and begins to think about and occupy their minds with trivia, then they are likely to make wrong moves. In those wrong moves, they could instantly be taken from life and into death. Then, all of their efforts have proven to be for nothing, for they do not finish the climb.

So it is with those who are actively pursuing My way. They are meant to finish the climb, not to fall to death by their own failures to keep on climbing. Consider the tragedy of their fall and the futility of their lives spent upon this earth. Know that you are not intended to fall away but to stay in the path that is prepared for you.

Therefore, be steadfast in keeping your eyes and your intentions stayed upon My way. Let your steps be in the path, not deviating, nor by delusion taking the steps that will destroy you. I do not intend for you to be destroyed by wrong choices. I am desiring you to finish the climb that you be achieving what I have for you to do.

Serve with gladness in the attitude of gratitude, for the same will keep you in the way that is eternal rather than in the way that will bring sudden death. It is through Me that you will find the strength that you need. As you continue to ascend upward, you will be enabled to behold horizons you have never seen before. To climb the high mountains and achieve the conquest of the same is spiritually significant, inasmuch as My goals for you are high and holy and far above the polluted plains below.

I do not intend for My people to be entangled in the pursuit of the lust of the flesh, which will end them in deep despair and emptiness. Realize that the old fleshly nature is ever present to lure you off of the path, that you fall and do not finish the course.

When those who are Mine return to the bondage of carnality in an attempt to appease the flesh, they are not keeping single in their purpose. The flesh is never satisfied, and the goal of its continual nagging is to cause My people to fall into the sins from which they were freed by My Son Jesus.

Absolutely do not turn back, nor even linger with thoughts of the same, for to do so is dangerous and could very well mean your death. Remember that you are living with your own worst enemy, the old you that had only the future of death and damnation awaiting. As new creatures in Christ, you are not meant to seek to satisfy or gratify the lusts of your flesh. Rather, you are meant to be intent on satisfying Me and completing what I have called you to do for the furtherance of My kingdom.

Reality is that none is ready to be offered if they have not done what I intended for them. Those who are taken by premature death are not pleasing if they die by their own wrong choices. You are called to climb, therefore answer the call. As climbers, keep your vision on what is ahead, not what is behind. Remember that one look backwards could cause you to miss your step and fall to death before you can finish the climb. I do not want you to fall to death; I want you to finish the climb and live in Me!