Demonic Delusions End in Death and Damnation

I speak to you this day, letting you know that nothing is impossible with Me. This is because I am the One True and everlasting, eternal God, whose power and glory remain throughout all generations. Therefore, know that while the nations who have been proud and rebellious against Me think they remain forever, they do not. This is because it is Me the Living God who has the power to bring nations down and grind their idols to dust.

Throughout the history of humanity, there have been countless nations that have been devastated and destroyed by My power. Know that they exalted themselves, lived in gross and abominable sins, worshiped idols, hated and rebelled against Me. I did not create men and women in the image of demons; I created them in My image and likeness. When they rebelliously chose to be identified with demons, they became grotesquely ugly.

It is My intention that those whom I have created would come forth in the image and likeness that I have purposed them for. I do not desire the wicked, nor do I find pleasure in the proud. Such as these will never dwell in My House if they do not repent. When any tribe, nation or people will repent and return to Me as their Creator, then are they found acceptable. However, if they persist in their violations, then they are literally convicting themselves as criminals. They are choosing their own sentence of death and damnation.

Know of a reality that I did not intend for humans to be criminals against Me. I intended for them as My creation to be worshiping Me as their Creator. Sad to say, when sin entered in, they became everything but respectful of Me. The majority turned to idols and worshiped those things that were and are dead. The idol worshipers became dumb and dull as the idols that they serve. They were not able to be enlightened by My instruction and wisdom because they were bound in the prison house of idolatry.

The cause of idolatry is adultery, whereby men and women choose idols and bow unto the same. They become guilty of spiritual adultery, and because of such, their hearts are as stone and separated from Me. They pour out the love and affection that are meant to be Mine upon dumb, deaf, dead idols that cannot speak, nor hear, nor live. In such activities, the idol worshipers are adulterous and abominable before Me. I am angered with them every day because they have chosen to bow unto death and damnation. In such choices, they are shunning salvation through My Son Jesus, and embracing death and damnation.

Likewise, the wicked, violent, self-determined murderers, who are the subjects of the devil, are a shame. Because their hearts are full of evil, they corrupt themselves more and more. They are the very habitation of demons and they are loving it so. When approached with the possibility of salvation and a new life in Me, the majority scoff the same because their hearts are hard and their attitudes are defiant and deadly. Consequently, their lives are spent in gross wickedness, and hell is their inevitable end. They are imprisoned throughout eternity for the endless sins that they are guilty of.

Know that I am the God of goodness, and My goodness remains ever present to those who will serve Me out of humility and subjectivity to Me. They are enabled to follow My Holy Spirit’s directives because they are not locked in the shackles of sin. Such as these are Mine, and no matter where they are, I am with them, and My Spirit guides them.

There is One way that people are created for, and that is My way. I did not create humankind for them to become the instruments of darkness. I created them to be honoring and praising Me. As you choose the way that I have ordained, so are you blessed by Me. It will not be a chore to you to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude. It will be a choice made by the clarity that My Spirit gives to your minds.

Do not even look upon the ways of the heathen. They have deviated and perverted themselves in all manner of wickedness. Because they are right in their own eyes, they are continuing down the pathway of their own destruction and damnation. Blinded by the god of this world, they practice deeds of darkness that are vileness, and corrupt themselves more and more.

However, the heathen do not get by, because their lives are full of fear, torment, and they are subject to many masters, which are demon powers. Because they or their ancestors have chosen to believe in lies and delusions, they live continually in the uncertainty of the same. I do not intend such activities as they persist in. They are the ones who through vain repetition and rote prayers to idols incite My jealous anger against them.

Consider that when people imagine that their idols are real, then they are found in bondage to all manner of demonic suggestion and instruction. The consequence of their dumbness is their deadness towards Me. Why do people choose such darkness above the light? It is because they are stubborn and proud, resisting repentance and the righteousness it brings. They have evil in their deeds and in their hearts, and they would rather die than change.

Thank Me that you are not in slavery to such imaginations, delusions and conjectures. Instead, you are in subjectivity to the glorious truth, divine wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Rejoice for salvation!