Rebel Against Rebellion

When I the Living God do speak to you, it is that you would hear and obey. Therefore, know that you are accountable to be doers of My Word. I have intended from the beginning that My people would live in obedience unto Me as their Master.

It is not intended that humankind would live in separation from Me by choosing independence from Me above dependence upon Me. Inasmuch as I am the self-existent One, it is foolish for My people to imagine that by their independence they are likewise self-existent. I did not create humankind to be in separation from Me; they were created to be in companionship and fellowship with Me as their Master.

The intention of My purpose was thwarted when Adam and Eve listened to the enemy and followed after his enticements, thus sinning against Me. However, I did not quit in My intentions because of their failure. Instead, I chose to banish them, as they had sinned against Me. So it remains, that those who sin against Me bring the separation from Me.

Be thankful this day that you can live in communion and companionship with Me, for I am the One who is indeed well able. My Holy Spirit has been given to you so that you are guided each day in the pathway that I provide. Do not ever cease from that guidance, for it is purposed for you to walk in and be kept. Thank Me that My Spirit is ever with you, and that you are not left alone to end in desolation of soul.

Consider the vast multitudes who are all alone and desolate of soul. Where or who do they turn to for comfort and guidance? It is evident that they choose to turn to the devil and his demons and are likewise driven by the same, being held as captive slaves of sin.

Be glad even this day that you are not in such captivity and that you are given the abundance of goodness that I have for you. So it is, that those who are walking in obedience will receive repeatedly the goodness that I have in preparation for them. They absolutely will not be left in the desolation of soul that comes upon all who are walking afar off from Me. They are given the goodness, the mercy, the communion, and the comfort that My Spirit brings to their hearts.

In these times, remember that you are not alone. Because of the uncertainty and instability that are evidently present, many are reeling in the reality that there is nothing the way that they want it to be. Instead, they are found in emptiness, desolation, and despair because their hearts are made heavy with the dread of the unknown.

You, however, do not have to face the future with dread and fear, because My Spirit is with you and in you. Keep attentive and aggressively active to follow the commands of My Spirit that you are not left in the desolation and dread that multitudes wake up to every day. Be aware that when you are walking in the Spirit’s directives, you are enabled to be kept in the purposes that I have intended for you, and by the same please Me.

It is not My desire that people turn to the devil for their comfort and consolation, yet they do because of the wickedness of their own ways. There is much more rebellion against Me in these times than is clearly evident at first glance. It is because of rebellion that people are choosing the course of their own death and damnation. Realize that the powers of rebellion are dangerous and deadly. Know that you are not intended to be partaking of such. Partaking of rebellion will destroy your relationship with Me as your Maker, Creator and Father.

It is foolishness to be involved in folly, and by indulgence in sin, lose all that is of lasting value. Those who are pursuing the course of their own destruction are stupid, dull and dumb. This applies even to the ones who imagine that they are clever when they are fools before Me. They are absolutely not clever; they are utterly stupid because they have chosen death above My life. Their choices are made because they are idolizing themselves and choosing their imagined independence from Me.

Be thankful that you are not in such a demeaning mindset that will devastate and destroy. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude because you are privileged to walk in and under the mind of My Holy Spirit. Do not allow the dumbness and the numbness that are evidenced by fools to come over you. Those who are wise in their own conceits are continually proving themselves to be foolish because they are bowing to pride.

As you are well aware, pride is drunkenness before Me. I do not approve those who choose to listen to pride, for they have separated themselves from Me by such an abomination. Inasmuch as pride is blinding, they become unable to see the way of My righteousness and grow more rebellious by the day. Where does all of their folly take them? Quite obviously, they are led in the course of death and damnation.

If you are undergoing suffering, do not be dumb enough to receive the devil’s seductions and walk in such. It is not My intention that you be seduced and taken down under the plagues that are present in these times. There are many plagues that are present because of rebellion, hatred, and independence from Me. You are not meant to be plagued; you are meant to be living in the perfect peace that I give. Do so with gladness.