Freed from Sin’s Domain

I speak to you this day, as I intend you to receive the fullness of the power that is yours because you have believed in My Son, Jesus Christ. It is important that you know and understand that through Him you are able to be made overcomers who can prevail against all of the powers of darkness that are sent to destroy.

You are not meant to be destroyed; you are meant to continue steadfast in the way that I have purposed for you, the way that leads to victory. It is very observable to those who have eyes to see, that many are not living, nor hoping in victory. Instead, they are downtrodden by their circumstances and the uncertainty of the times.

Be glad even now that through Me you are purposed, you are intended, and you are provided with all that you need. I don’t want you to be overwhelmed and overtaken. Rather, I desire that you would realize fully the victorious pathway that has been established for you to walk in. When you come into the awareness of the power that has been given to you through the sacrifice and obedience of My Son, then you are expected to walk in the same.

This day, do not choose to feel sorry for yourselves by believing that somehow I am not fair, for am I just. Such self-centered emotion is nothing more than the ploy of demons to get you to dwell on yourselves rather than Me. Thank Me this day that when you are focusing upon Me and the privilege you have to know Me, you are enabled to rejoice.

However, be aware than when you focus on you and dwell on the negative, then you find that you are extremely bogged down by the same. I do not intend for you to be bogged down; I intend for you to be uplifted. To pity yourselves is to believe that you are meant to be given things your way. Do not think that everything in this life is meant to be in accordance with what you want. It is not, for those who get everything they think they want are dissatisfied by what they believed it was necessary for them to have.

The more that you partake of the overcoming power, the more that you are able to subdue the old carnal nature that wants you back under sin’s domain. I do not intend that sin would have dominion over you. My Spirit is ever present to guide you forth in the new life that I intend. Be thankful that you do not have to walk in the weariness of the flesh. Rather, you can draw each day of the invincible strength that is yours now as you believe in and use the same.

When I declare that you are meant to be overcomers, that is what you are meant to pursue. Do not be dragged down into your own sorrows and hardships and think that the same will give you any essence of joy. What really gives you joy is the fact that you can and will be guided in the way that is victorious, because it is My intention for you.

As My people, you are to shine forth the light that is found in and through belief in Jesus. The people of this world are covered in darkness, as they do not have the light, nor do they have the purpose that has been given to you. Therefore, continue in the way that is light, and go forward ever knowing that there is always hope in Me. I do not want you to hope in circumstances, situations, or even other people. I want you to be firmly hoping in Me, for I am your Maker and I make the way for you.

Reflect on the many things that I have done for you, then be giving Me thanks and praise. It is not right for My people to falsely accuse Me of unfair treatment. When such accusations are brought forth, it is because of listening to forces of darkness that are everywhere. As I have said, those of this world are covered in darkness and live each day in the same.

Be rejoicing daily that you are not in darkness, but rather you are in My glorious light. As you are walking in that light, so are you uplifted in Me. Realize that this world really is growing darker by the day because of the multiplied sins that are being committed by the rebellious and defiant fools who are far from Me. I do not want you to be a part of that darkness, but rather I want you to walk in the light that I give to you each and every day. When you are found walking in the light, then that light shines forth in the darkness and exposes sin.

Because the world is full of sin, those who are loving the slavery of their sins will not want anything to do with the glorious light that is found ever present in Me. Be glad this day that you do not need to be partakers of the darkness, nor the sin that is found under the covering of the same. It is through My kingdom that you have been shown the light, so as you walk in that light, your path is made evident.

There are so many who perish daily because they are loving darkness above the light. This is because their deeds are evil. I do not intend hell for anyone, yet they choose the same because they want to keep on sinning. Be glad that you can keep on going in the way that I ordain because I am ever present to show to you that way. When you deliberately choose the light, then you are making it evident that it is Me you want to live for.

The longer you are separated from sin, the more the death of the same will be revealed to you by My Spirit. When you consider that the consequences of sin are death and damnation, be thankful that you are not continually sinning. Rather, you can be continually serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, thankful to be redeemed and freed from sin’s slavery.