Who Controls You

In the realm of idolaters, there are many of them who are simply living out the curses that came upon them because their ancestors chose to be under demonic command. The generations of such forefathers are simply controlled and driven to their own death and damnation by the aftereffects of the sins of their ancestors.

They do deeds of demons as their daily practices and have never been shown the light. Consequently, their lives are forever under the curses they have inherited, and they go on in the vicious cycle of idolatry, gaining nothing from the same except darkened hearts and minds, and damnation in the end.

If you stop and consider how many there are in these times who are under the control of demon forces, it is an ugly reality. Those who are driven by demons day and night are literally as one vast army of invaders who have taken up the occupation of the land. They are spread out as though they remain forever.

Do not be discouraged nor frightened, although there are many manifestations of demonic power shown forth. Realize that I the Living God am with you, and I am stronger than any demon force upon this earth. Be thankful that it is Me the Living God who does keep the ones who are stayed upon Me. Such ones will be led by My Holy Spirit, and kept in the safety and security that comes of Me.

Consider that when any is in a lighthouse, they are not affected by the turbulence of the waves upon the seas or oceans. This is because they are secure and lifted up above the roaring of the waves and the turbulence in the waters. So it is, when you are secure in My light, you will be enabled to look out at the upheavals and turbulence of the times. However, the same will not pull you down under, nor drown you in the filthy waters that are eagerly destroying lives. Inasmuch as you are high above the destroying waters of sin, you are safe and secure in Me as your lighthouse.

Be thankful even today that you are not swept up in the sinful waves of death that are sweeping the land. Multitudes are swept away by those waters of iniquity because they are listening to demonic commands and actually thinking they can win against the waves. They cannot, and consequently they are destroyed, found dead and damned.

The demon forces which are in control of the multitudes have no mercy nor love towards those whom they rule over. Realize that the goal of the dark forces is to kill, steal and destroy. Know that they rule by delusion and cleverly devised tales which are fabrication and lies. Therefore, those who are in captivity to them are bound in the cruel chains of sin and death.

Likewise, there are multitudes who do not even see the end of the orders they follow. They are blindly led along by blind guides, stumbling and falling down in the dregs of debauchery, without knowing the consequences they will face in the end for their passivity in the spiritual dimensions.

Know that I the Living God have never intended for you to be the fools that demons prey on and boss around. There are many who are full of rebellion and hatred for My authority over them. They are commanded and ruled by demons that only want them dead and damned. Without forethought or truthful examination, they accept the commands of demons to hate Me and rebel against Me and the righteous standard that I require and desire of the peoples of this earth.

Realize that I made men and women in My image and likeness. They are intended to be under My control and to walk circumspectly before Me each day. Therefore, know of a surety that you absolutely are not intended to be a dupe for the devil and his forces. As people who have received the light, walk in the same with gladness and rejoicing each day.

Do not deviate to listen to demons and likewise be devoured by the commands given to you by such forces. Know of a surety that you are not meant to return to the cruel control of demons. Once any is born again of incorruptible seed, they become the subjects of My kingdom. Those who turn away from the light to return to the death of darkness are nothing but fools who will be destroyed by their choices.

As you are serving in the attitude of gratitude, you will understand how important it is that you hear and obey the commands of My Holy Spirit. When you are in obedience, then you can discern how many there are who are in disobedience. It will not be hard for you to visualize the tormenting agonies of hell, as you will see multitudes upon this earth who are hell bound and under the agonies of the damned.

There are rapidly growing numbers of hopeless, homeless, demonically bound persons who are in deep rebellion against Me. They are under demon control and do those things that are vile and wicked. Literally becoming a dangerous and unpredictable element that causes many sore distresses, such people are controlled by demons. Know that your only safety and security are found under My command and control. Choose Me and live.