Refusal to Repent

I speak to you this day and I declare that if My people will humble themselves and cry out unto Me as their God, I will stay My wrath. When the people of any nation will humble themselves before Me and pray unto Me with sincerity, then I the Living God will bestow My mercies upon them. It is My pleasure to show forth My mercies unto the ones who are willing to humble themselves and cry out to Me.

I truly desire that people be spared of the fury of My wrath which is being poured forth at this time. I am angry every day due to the sinfulness and corruption among the nations of this earth. However, when people are repenting and changing their ways, they please Me. Then, My anger towards them ceases, and I pour forth My blessings. Be thankful when My mercies are shown forth, for in the same there is abundance of goodness being given.

Let it be known among all peoples their need to repent and pray, that they will do the same. However, if they are in refusal to repent, then they are the ones who will find themselves wretchedly separated from Me and taken down in the despair of their own choices. Sad to say, I the Living God have destroyed many nations throughout the history known to humankind. These nations and peoples were steeped in devilish behaviors, idolatry, and extreme moral decay and debauchery.

The nations now forgotten were violent, hateful, and murderous towards one another as well as other nations. They did not honor any thing that I intended in the creation of humanity. Rather, they were stubborn, proud, defiant, and demonically inspired in the abominable wickedness they committed daily. Such ones as these dishonored all that was decent and good, and pursued the very sins that led them to their own destruction and damnation.

Understand that there is only so long that I plead with humanity; then the time comes that I bring forth My wrath, fury and indignation. Under My anger revealed, I still send forth My Holy Spirit to convict the peoples of their sins. Likewise, I send My messengers calling them to repent lest they perish in their sins. If they are still locked into refusal to repent, then know that they are calling forth the death they will meet with.

There are new discoveries being made by researchers into the past, that there have been numerous nations destroyed that once were in existence. While they draw their own, often false conclusions, the facts remain that I have brought down mighty nations and they were remembered no more. What good did all of their riches do them? When My time came, they were found destroyed by the stubbornness and pride of their own hearts.

Remember that in the beginning, humans were created in the image and likeness that I desired. They were not created to become the manifestation of demons in human bodies. Yet, because of their choices, multitudes took on the behaviors that were demonically inspired and controlled. Such as these were choosing the course of death rather than the course of life.

So it is, when you see those who are in refusal to repent, then you see how much the devilish forces do motivate people in the course of rebellion against Me. This is why it is so important to pray and seek My face, because as you do, I remember you as righteous and give you mercy. I am well able to bestow blessings on the ones who walk circumspectly before Me and honor My standards.

Know that I do not intend for My people to perish with the proud, ungodly fools who are in refusal to repent. It is not My intention that you be taken in the course of the vile. It is My intention that you be brought forth in the way that is prepared for all who will walk uprightly each day. This is why it is so important that you keep single in your desire and deeds before Me. Do not give in to the worldly pressures that surround you daily and become a captive slave to sin.

Consider My servant Daniel, who remained true to Me throughout his life that was spent in the continual presence of the heathen. He did not succumb to the pressures that were levied against him. He kept his vision, his prayer life, and his devotion unto Me. He did not waver at the threats of death that were levied against him, nor at the trying of his faith. Instead, he counted his own life as nothing to be salvaged above his integrity with Me.

There are many who have proved true in such a way by loving Me above themselves and their own families and friends. Such as these were willing to suffer to keep their integrity with Me, and they have received the glory that is rightfully theirs in My kingdom. Know that I do not withhold from the ones who serve Me with gladness the very things that they are meant to receive.

Be continuing to serve in the attitude of gratitude as you keep on in a repentant mind and lifestyle. Realize that it is Me the Living God who brings forth the separation between the precious and the vile. Those who are precious before Me are kept because I keep them. Those who are vile are destroyed because they are refusing to repent. It is a great offense unto Me when mere people imagine themselves greater than I am. Such ones are motivated by demons as they choose the course of death and damnation.

[2 Chronicles 7:14] If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.