New Dimensions Coming

I speak to you this day, declaring that I am raising up the righteous to new dimensions in Me. Although insolent men and women are in rule and they think that they remain so forever, know that I bring them down. Remember that the nations are but a drop in the bucket before Me, and that I am everlasting.

Be thankful this day that when I the Living God do speak forth through My prophets, My messengers, I bring the same to pass. Do not be downtrodden by what you see presently. Rather, be uplifted in hope by what you hear from Me. Be aware that I the Living God am well able to do those things that men and women cannot do. Therefore, keep ever confident in Me as your source, your resource, for I am well able.

Remember that when I declare that I am raising up the righteous, I am doing just that. The fact of the matter is that My own people have been lazy and have taken for granted what I have done for them. In so doing, they have proven themselves to be unable to cope with the deterioration that has come upon the church as well as the land. Many have given in to circumstances and have compromised their integrity with Me.

You are not meant to be compromising with circumstances; rather, you are meant to rise up. This means in essence that you refuse to relinquish your integrity with Me, and you focus all the more fully upon Me. Of course, there is a struggle that ensues because the demonic forces paint a picture of hopeless despair and want you to admire the same. However, as you look up unto Me, you realize that I am the Most High. I am higher than the circumstances, which depress you and take you down into the mire that is ever present to suck you under.

As you realize how much the enemies hate you as you keep your vision upon Me, then you will understand that the struggle is between life and death. Be glad that you do not have to succumb to the circumstances, no matter how dreary they are. Rather, you can be purposed for Me as the author and finisher of your faith.

When I say that I am raising up the righteous, realize that I will show them that as they keep their vision single unto Me, they are uplifted, directed, and guided by My Spirit. It is not intended that My people would be crushed by circumstances. It is intended that My people realize that their lives are hidden with Christ in Me.

Those who remain strong in the Spirit and are ever hoping in Me will see Me do miracles for them. They will live to tell of how many times I kept them and brought them forth by a plain path and directed them in the new life when all around them was death. Yes, I am raising up the righteous to new dimensions of faith and trust in Me.

Do not let the hammering of the controlled mediums of darkness convince you that I am not in existence or that no one is worshiping Me. Such lies are contrived to defeat and discourage My people. However, when you are walking in the mind of My Spirit, you will not be discouraged, nor defeated by their lies and contrivances. Rather, you will be uplifted and enabled to rejoice. This is because I am ever present to guide you forth and give to you exactly what you have need of.

Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that those who are giving in to the crushing circumstances at hand will be extremely regretful in the end. This is because they have separated themselves from Me by believing the lies of the liar rather than the truth. Thank Me that those who are willing to fight the good fight of faith will prevail over the mind assaults sent at them by the devil’s forces.

It is My intention that My people be lifted above the raging fears that are holding multitudes in captivity. As My true ones, My expectation is that you would come forth knowing more than ever that I am the I AM. As such, I remain everlasting, when the gods of men have been ground to powder and are blown away by the wind.

Because I am the Almighty, those whose confidence is ever in Me are not left to flounder and wander in hopelessness and despair. This is because they are commanded by My Spirit in the way that keeps them secure in Me. Do not ever let your own carnality take the upper hand over what My Spirit directs you to do. Keep aggressively active for My kingdom, for it is eternal and everlasting. I do not call you to spiritual passivity, for in the same you will be suffocated by the forces of darkness.

Thank Me this day that as you resist the demons of fear, filth, compromising, complacency and despair, you are uplifted in the hope that only comes of Me. Yes, I am the One who is giving the opportunity in these times for those who are righteous to rise even higher in Me. When people are struggling for what is morally right, they do not have the time to entertain lust for the world. This is because they have come to the revelation that they must war against the sin that is drowning the multitudes and attempting to drown them likewise.

Be serving in the attitude of gratitude, living in the joy that comes when you purpose yourselves for Me as the One you are to obey. I am raising you up to new dimensions in strength, hope and life in Me. Walk in new dimensions with Me, leaving behind the old dimensions of despair and death.