Just Try It Once

There is no end to the evil that is being done by people in these times. Every day, such evil is multiplied, and people are pursuing the course of their own destruction and damnation. They are being driven by demons and are delighting themselves in the very poison that will cause them to be utterly devastated and devoured.

Because of the love of money, many have turned aside to pursue the same. They are driven by the unclean lust for money and all that it can buy. Yet in the end, they cannot take whatever money they have accumulated with them. Then the very riches they have heaped up will be given to others who have not worked for them at all.

Why do these things happen upon this earth? It is simply because the people of this earth have departed from My way, which is light, and gone for the devil’s way, which is darkness. Because they are lusting for the forbidden, they have deviated from My way and are indulging themselves in all manner of filthiness and corruption. Then they are proudly proclaiming their abominable practices, that others will succumb to the same seductions and be ensnared in evil.

Be thankful that you have My Spirit dwelling with you and that the same will direct you away from those things that I do not intend for you to partake of. When you are partaking of what I intend, then you are uplifted in the joy of My presence and given tender mercies. Do not listen to the tempting spirits that want to drag you down into the devastation that is ever present and will cause you much sorrow.

I never intended for humankind to reach the level of debased, debauched, demon-driven behaviors as they are in. They are the ones who have taken themselves down the road of rejection, because they have refused My way. Realize that none lives totally to themselves, but that all parts of the human family are in a sense inter-connected, because I am the Divine Father.

However, many have by their choices disassociated themselves from the moral uprightness that I intended for humankind to adhere to. In that disassociation, they have taken up the ways of the wicked and are pursuing the course that will prove to destroy them and their generations.

Sin and the consequences of the same are contaminating, and many have become infected simply by accepting the invitation of the evil spirits to “just try it once.” There are multitudes who are bound in the chains of sin, addicted beyond understanding and unable to free themselves. They go in a vicious cycle from which they find no satisfaction. These ones were trapped in the devil’s devices by just being tempted with sin, to just try it once.

How many there are who give way to the tempter in the days of their youth, then become entrenched in lifestyles of damnation. Because of the futility and emptiness of their lives, they become overwhelmed and are taken in the darkness that engulfs them to their own extinction. In many places, there are actual gatherings of the wastrels who are hopeless, mindless and lifeless. They are living in the devastated lifestyles of demon possessed people, and their futures are as hopeless as their lives each day.

Stop and consider: What brings about such darkness, devastation, despair, death and damnation? It comes about because of the choices that people make each day. For when they are choosing the course of demons, they are being possessed by the same. I do not intend for people to end in the destructive lifestyles they are in. They choose such, because they are the ones who are guilty of all manner of wickedness in My sight.

It does not please Me to see the ugliness of their lives. In fact, I find the same to be very grievous. This is why I send forth the call to all to repent and return to Me. This does not mean that multitudes will hear and obey. Instead, the majority will refuse and become all the more rebellious in their attitudes and actions. Then I must bring My wrath upon them because they are choosing the contaminated cesspool of sin. They are not content with their own decay but are busy convincing others to jump into the cesspool with them and just try it once.

Do not be accepting of the invitation to sin in any form when you are tempted to do so. It is imperative for your own safety and security that you continue to reject and refuse the cup of destruction. Thank Me that you are enabled by the guidance of My Spirit to be kept in the times of darkness that are evidenced daily.

Be recruiting multitudes to repent and return to Me that they be not damned for eternity. As you are not ashamed of Me, so will I be with you to empower you in the declaration of My kingdom. As you speak forth the words of life, there are some who will hear, repent, and return to My fold. Thank Me that you are enabled to declare the salvation mercies offered through Jesus Christ the Savior to the ones trapped in sin.