Don’t Rush to Rescue Rebels

I speak unto you this day, and any who has an ear must listen and obey. Be warned that My wrath is increasing daily. Know that I am coming against the unrepentant, arrogant, defiant peoples who are stubbornly determined to have their own way. When people of any nation have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks against Me, do not be shocked at what comes upon them. I do not tolerate rebellion, and those who are insisting and persisting in rebellion are literally inviting My wrath.

Repeatedly, I have sent warnings to those who are determined to die through their sins and wicked actions. Yet, they have refused to hear My warnings, hardening their hearts all the more against Me. Such ones as these are a weariness and a dreariness unto Me because they are persisting and insisting on continuing in their debaucheries.

When they have filled their cups and are receiving their just rewards, do not have pity upon them. This is because they need the chastisement that I am sending upon them. As it becomes more and more evident that I have left them desolate, many will assume that they are to rush to the rescue of the rebellious. Such assumptions are false. Those who are under false compassion are taking themselves down the road that will only bring them to disappointment and bitterness in the end.

This is the time when I the Living God am openly displaying My sore displeasure with those who have turned aside from Me and are flaunting the same. Just as they are flaunting their harlotry, so am I openly showing forth My wrath, fury and indignation against them. I do not ask My people to play God in the sense that they oppose My purpose in punishing the sinning, raucous rebels who are persisting in their own way.

Be thankful even this day that you can cooperate with the mind of My Spirit and be in agreement with Me. Do not reckon that you must do what I am not calling you to do. Rather, be glad that you can continue in the way that I provide for the ones who will obey Me.

Just as when a volcanic eruption is transpiring, so is My anger at this time. Those who will listen to warnings to stay as far away as possible from the eruptions will be kept in safety. However, those who somehow think they can get in the middle of the volcanic eruptions are asking for death. Do not think that you can get in the middle of My erupting anger and not be devoured by the same.

Realize that your good works must be motivated by My Holy Spirit and not by humanistic efforts that oppose My punishments upon the ones who have chosen to go their own ways. I do not call you to go in the way that is far from My purpose; I call you to walk uprightly in Me, ever thankful that you are redeemed. Know that I am sovereign, and I know exactly what I am doing and I bring forth according to My intentions.

Do not be as those who rise up in self-righteous indignation against Me, mad and angry because of My punishments upon the wicked. Know that it is not given to men and women to judge Me. Remember that I am the Almighty and it is Me who knows what people need, and I give to them the same. Be aware that people without Me are nothing more than the grass which has its season. When that season is over, the grass withers, dies, and is blown away by the wind.

Those who are persisting in rebellion against Me are being destroyed by their own choices. Because they are resisting repentance, which is the only thing that stops the display of My wrath, they are inviting more and more hardships upon themselves. Consider how foolish they are, for their actions are obviously not motivated by Me. Instead, their actions are motivated by their own reluctance and rebellious behaviors.

I do not call you to be involved with such ones, for they are contamination, and they bring ruination to others as well as themselves. I call you to walk in the way that My Spirit leads you and to know that I give you exactly what you need at all times. Be glad that you can come forth uplifted and delighting yourselves in Me. This does not mean that you have no compassion or mercy towards humankind.

What all of this means is that you do not allow your human emotions to lead you in a way that opposes My justice towards the wicked. Keep in the humility mind that I delight to see in My people. As you are in such a mind, you are able to receive and obey the commands of My Spirit.

Know that when any has a change of heart and is truly repentant, I will reach out to them. If I choose to use you to do the reaching, do so with gladness. It is Me who finds joy in the repentance of those who were once rebels against Me and were awaiting hell. Therefore, if I ask you to lend them a hand up and out of the wreckage they made of their lives when opposing Me, do so willingly.

As you can see, I want a people who will flow with My Spirit and do as I desire. Do not be religiously rigid and think that in the same you are able to manage things according to your understanding. Be subjected in your service for Me to the commands of My Spirit. Thank Me that you can be used as co-laborers, and know that there are times and seasons for all things. It is Me the Living God who is in control of the times and seasons.