Praying People Prevail

I speak forth this day to any and all who desire Me: Do not be worried about the directives you receive through My Holy Spirit. Know of a surety that it is Me the Living God who is ever present to guide you in My way each day. You are not meant to be walking afar off; you are meant to be abiding in My presence continually.

There are times when you will face obstacles to what you are meant to do. When that happens, do not give up in despair. Instead, cry out to Me, for I am the One who allows the obstacles in order to show you how to overcome the same. I do not intend for you to be as those who quit and say that certain things cannot be done because of obstacles that arise. It is My intention that you would prevail over those obstacles by praying unto Me and listening to the directives given by My Spirit.

The more that you keep attentive and alert, the more you will be enabled to take the action needed to come above the obstacles that get in the way of what I want you to be doing. Thank Me that through the omnipresence of My Spirit you are given daily, moment by moment instructions.

There are many who do not listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Those who choose to behave in such ways are far from what I intend for them to do. This is because they are yielding to the input of the demons. Such demons want them to stop listening to and obeying the commands of the Holy Spirit.

Realize that there is a continual war going on in the spirit dimension for the souls of humanity. As that war is raging, do not give in to the demons who are there with the input of death. Rather, keep your ears open to hear what My Spirit speaks, for the same will direct you to victory. Do not be impatient in this walk with Me. There are multitudes who are in hell because they were too impatient to do things My way. Because of that impatience, they received the directives of demons, and were likewise led astray.

There is no reason to receive the directives of demon spirits when My Spirit is ever present and available to you. Therefore, train yourselves to be attentive to the voice that you know as the Spirit. When you do as I say, then you can see beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the One who is well able to lead, guide and bless you in every circumstance.

Thank Me that it is Me that you can serve on a daily basis. Look at the things that people give their lives to serve and see how meaningless those things really are. In the end they have nothing in Me because they have served the things of the world rather than Me. It is dangerous to receive the directives of demons and through the same lose your souls. It is wisdom to serve the directives of My Spirit and gain the life that I have for you.

It is a joy to Me when My people will stay steady in their commitments unto Me. Know of a certainty that you are not meant to be as the foolish who are continually wavering and going in the way that is unstable because they are fluctuating between many masters. How can any man or woman serve many masters and keep steady? They cannot, and their lives reveal the instability that they are in.

Actually, you are more privileged than you realize to be anchored in Me. By being firmly anchored in Me, you are spared the sorrow of being tossed up and down, and even drowned by the waves of the sea of iniquity. Many have been washed away by those waves and perished in the same. I do not intend for you to end up as casualties. I intend you to stay anchored despite the wind and the waves.

Be aware that there are huge tsunami waves washing souls away into destruction in these times. Those who are not anchored are easily swept away into the dark waters of sin and death. In such, they drown and are destined to hell. This is not a good thing, and I do not desire such an end for any. However, multitudes refuse Me daily, and they have no anchor in their lives. Therefore, they are the ones who end up dead, and then in hell, by their choices against Me.

Do not at any time choose against Me, for I alone am your Rock, and it is in Me that you are meant to be kept. Know that as you are stable in the way that I intend, you are uplifted into the realms of My Spirit wherein I abide. When you are continually abiding in Me, the waves that wash many away cannot overtake you. This is because I am high above the turbulence and violence that are transpiring on the earthly plane.

Be serving with gladness rather than sadness. The sadness comes to those who are too stubborn and proud to bend their knees and cry out to Me. By such, they make many mistakes and know many sorrows. This is what in turn causes them to dwell in sadness. The more that you see how merciful I am, the more that you will be made glad to be serving Me.

Remember I am your Heavenly Father, and it is My intention that you be given the goodness that I have in store for the obedient. Therefore, do not be receiving demonic directives. Be refusing to listen to such. Then, by refuting the lies of the lying spirits and rejecting their input, you will prevail.

I do not call you to be brought down and crushed. I call you to be uplifted and rejoicing, for I give to you the newness of life you are meant to have. Each day, serve in the attitude of gratitude that you are not victims of the destroyer. Know that through My Spirit’s directives you are victors in the battle.