Follow or Flounder

I speak unto you this day and I command you to FOLLOW. These are times when everyone is right in their own eyes, meaning they believe that they “know it all.” However, reality is that they know nothing, because they are believing in their own understanding rather than Me.

Inasmuch as people are full of “self-confidence,” they cannot truly follow Me. When I sent My Son Jesus and He called forth His disciples, He called to them with one command. That command was simply that they come and follow Him. He did not give them a “benefits plan.” Rather, He just gave them the command to follow Him in His way. Some disqualified themselves by their own desires to take control. Others abandoned all that they were involved in, to follow Him in the way that He desired for them.

The standard has not changed. Any and all who will be counted worthy will follow the dictates of My Holy Spirit and learn to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. It is My intention that those who are desirous of My kingdom in their lives would come forth ever rejoicing for the way that is being revealed to them through the Holy Spirit.

Those who are truly led by My Spirit are the ones who will hear and obey the dictates they receive. Some imagine that they are to be great leaders, but they are deceived, for they have not themselves learned to follow. None is a great leader if they are following My Spirit’s commands unto them. This is because they will understand that it is vitally important to be following rather than seeing themselves as great leaders.

As My Son directed people who wanted to glorify Him, it was Me they were meant to glorify. The ones who take My glory to themselves are not following My Spirit. Rather, such are being led by the “self-confident fool,” who is luring them into a ditch. I have never intended that men and women would glorify themselves. They are meant to glorify Me as their God and to realize that they are needy of Me.

Be aware that “self” is in constant contention with the mind of My Spirit because the old nature wants to bring you back into captivity to carnality. However, My Spirit has been given to you that you can be led away from subjectivity to darkness and death. You are being led in the way by the Spirit to FOLLOW after in the steps of My Son Jesus.

How many there are who have vain impressions as to their own greatness, yet they attempt to act as though they are truly following My Spirit. Be aware that the motivation of a person’s heart is made evident before Me. Those who are living in vain imaginations will conjure up all manner of delusions because they see themselves as the heroes in the same.

The ones who became true disciples unto My Son Jesus did not glorify themselves, nor did they seek for “their own ministries.” Rather, they were desiring to be faithful and true to Him and subsequently to Me, by following after Jesus and obeying His commands to them. Those who will prove to be true disciples in these times must operate under the same motivation.

Stop and consider: How many times do you try to lead My Spirit by your own understanding? Over and over, people try to put the cart before the horse, in the sense that My Spirit speaks to them, then they write the ending in their own imaginations. Realize that as a FOLLOWER you will be remaining as such your entire lives.

Those who are of an independent mind will pursue the course of their own works and may be able to boast themselves in the same. What they fail to realize in their vain ambitions is that they are laboring in vain, for when they stand before Me, all of their ambitious achievements will amount to nothing because they built the house without Me. Therefore, what they have done amounts to nothing.

This is why it was and still is so important that you remain as FOLLOWERS. When you are truly following My Spirit, then your works are not in vain, because they are according to My intention. There are many men and women who were considered great spiritual leaders by the world. However, they were not great before Me. This is because they were swayed, and likewise betrayed their integrity with Me, because they chose to follow the opinions of people.

Do not be impressed by what people say about you. If you are seeking to please people, you will find yourselves desolate in the end. One day they will praise you, the next day they will hate you, and nothing will come from the same except disappointment. I will be sadly disappointed in you, and you will be disappointed in yourselves. It is not people that you are meant to please. It is Me the Living God that you are to follow after and obey.

Be thankful this day, for when you will continue following, you will not be disappointed, for you will receive the rewards of the righteous. Know of a surety that My Spirit always leads in the way that I have intended. Therefore, do not flounder by looking to what people think of you rather than what I think of you. Realize that you are not meant to be a people pleaser and lose out with Me.

As you FOLLOW in the footsteps of Jesus, you will realize the humility that led Him night and day. Never did He seek to glorify Himself, nor did He flounder because of proud imaginations. He simply kept on in obedience to His mission commission and finished His course.