Be Needy of God, Not Greedy for the World

I speak unto you this day and I declare how important it is that My people keep looking unto Me. I do not intend My people to look to the world, for they are meant to look to Me. I am the One who is their ever-present help in time of need. In these times when I am shaking the nations, it is to Me that you must continue to turn.

There are multitudes who claim to be Mine, yet their eyes are not stayed upon Me. They indulge themselves in things that I forbid. All the while, they are believing that in the same they get by. Know of a surety that none gets by on Me, for I am omnipresent. Those who choose to walk in opposition to Me are choosing destruction because they are desiring damnation above salvation.

Be aware that by choices, people display who they love. Likewise, there are many who will meet with the tragedies that come their way because they are the ones who have departed from My covering and gone after vanity and vexation. Those who are of an adulterous nature will openly display that when they are found in the grips of pressure.

I do not intend that My people would behave in such ways as are grievous unto Me, yet if you look at them, they are doing just that. Be aware that I do hold My people responsible when they are seeking to be recognized by the world then neglect Me, yet they are still using My name as though they were remaining true to Me.

There are multitudes in these times who are dying prematurely because of their departure from Me. In the land that you live, there are endless persons who have known Me, then turned aside to become people of the world. Yet in their minds, they still think that they are Christian. However, when the destroyer comes their way, they have no resistance, because they have departed from Me.

It is essential that you keep your focus upon Me, not giving way to the pressures that will come upon you continually. Keep single in your vision, that is, upon Me, for I am the One who desires you to be kept always. Realize that there are pressures upon everyone, and you are to keep your reliance upon Me, for I am with you.

Be serving in thankfulness because you have been given My light upon the path. When you have light upon the path, you do not need to stumble in darkness. Over and over, people leave the light to return to darkness, all to their own destruction. It is a sorrow to Me when I see those ones who are so easily swayed out of the light. However, it is known that when the first created listened to the liar, they were cursed by their choice to take in and believe lies above the truth.

People remain the same, capable of great allegiance and obedience unto Me, or capable of great transgression and disobedience towards Me. Do not flirt with disobedience, for the same will take you down into the grave. Know that in obedience unto Me is found My life. Each day, be serving in the attitude of gratitude, for I am the One who is with you each day, and I keep you as you are steadily obeying Me.

I have given to you the Holy Spirit and the same directs you and instructs you each day to come forth knowing that I am the life source. It is in Me that all life is given, for I am the giver of life. Be delighting yourselves in the light that I give to you, for in such, you will recognize that My love is ever present for you and to you.

Do not expect to believe the world’s interpretations, for they are living in the confusion and delusion that are present in lies. Because the liar, the devil, rules here on earth, know that deceit is everywhere. Therefore, take your counsel of Me and seek each day for the mind of My Holy Spirit. When you are being guided by the Spirit, you are guided in My life, light and love.

Be thankful that you can indeed be guided by My Spirit and not led into a ditch by blind guides who are themselves guided by demons. Be thankful to obey and come forth rejoicing for the privilege to be partakers of My merciful goodness.

In the times ahead, you will see many caught in the throes of fear and terror as violence and murder increase. You will see likewise multitudes who are crushed by the economic swaying that transpires daily. In addition, you will see those who lose their minds under pressure and take off in the insanity of demon instruction.

More and more, the ranks of the homeless, mindless wanderers will increase, as they have no stability nor security because they are not anchored in Me. Do not esteem yourselves as able to “tough it out.” Rather, realize that you are meant to recognize that you need Me. As you are relying on Me, you will be kept, for My Spirit will guide you in safety and security.

Think how many are washed out into the sea of iniquity, only to drown in the filthy waters of sin. Do not be counted as such a casualty. Instead, be found rejoicing and giving Me praise because I am the Rock of refuge unto all who run to Me. As you are seeing multitudes perish, be humbled by the fact that you have been given the opportunity to serve Me.

Really reflect upon the need for Me that is ever present, then do not turn to any other source of comfort. Beware turning to creature comforts, for the same are deceptive. Continually turn to Me as the One who desires you to be kept in the times of trouble and turmoil. Always be true to Me!