Repentance Revolution Power

I speak unto you this day and I say: Never underestimate the power of repentance. When My people have sinned against Me to the extent that they are comparable to the sinners who are all about, I do not have any desire to be near unto them, because it is their sins that have separated them from Me as they have chosen to go a whoring and depart from My way. I find no pleasure in such ones, because their hearts have grown hard.

However, know of a surety that if such ones will repent and return to Me, then they are found acceptable once again. When any will truly and deeply repent, I am willing to forgive them. Then, through the power of My Spirit, I restore them to fellowship with Me.

Do not think that I do not have deep love for My people. I do. When they are living in sin, I am the father who has the prodigals, and My heart is yearning for them to repent and return to Me. Sad to say, there are multitudes who never return and are living amongst the swine and partaking of the provision of death.

Yet, if any truly repents, then I welcome them home as My sons and daughters, and I show them the love and forgiveness mercy that can only be found through Me. Be thankful even now that you can partake of that love, for it comes of Me. When you were living afar off from Me, I sent My Holy Spirit unto you to deal with you in your sins, that you could see your utter need of Me. As you were convicted of the sins that you were guilty of, then you were eager to repent unto My Son, Jesus Christ.

Since you have come to know the forgiveness mercies of His love in your lives, you have seen how much change has come to you because of repentance revolution. You have been miraculously changed from those who opposed Me to those who love and serve Me. Such a miraculous transformation came not because of your abilities, but because of His life laid down in obedience, for His blood was shed for you and the multitudes of others who will repent and return to My house.

Consider the ones who are walking afar off from Me. They are destitute of life, and dread to face another day. Such as these are desperately needy of repentance. Therefore, do not slow down in the declaration of the power of the blood of Jesus to wash away the sins of those who are lost.

Likewise, take stock in this revolution of the ones who have known Me then departed from Me by their sins. Such ones are more miserable than you can imagine, and their lives are filled with sorrow. Do not hesitate to declare the TRUTH unto them, and let the truth stand for itself. It is the TRUTH that will set them free of the transgressions that they are guilty of. It was the truth about My Son Jesus and His sacrifice for you that caused you to repent.

Be people who are ever present in the repentance revolution, whereby you see the omnipresence of repentance in your own lives as you walk in subjectivity to My Spirit. When My Spirit searches the hearts of My people, they are meant to repent of those things that are offensive unto Me.

Repentance brings change in awareness, action and attitude. As you are seeing more clearly in the spirit dimension, you will be able to see the things that are offensive to Me. When such things are made evident unto you, do not cling to them as though they are precious, for they are not.

The things that are really precious are those things that I do for you each day that strengthen you in My purpose and plan for your lives. Remember, inasmuch as repentance revolution has made its way into your lives, that you are new people through belief in Jesus Christ. Therefore, be ever thankful for the treasure you have received, and know that repentance is able to move mountains in the lives of My people as well as in the lives of others.

When you are truly walking and living in humility, repentance will not be repulsive to you. This is because you will understand that in order to stay in right standing, you must be willing to exercise yourselves daily by walking in humility before Me. It is a great privilege that is given to the sons of men, that they can repent and be given the way that leads to eternal life in Me.

It is very important that you keep on repenting, for as you do, you will find the peace that passes understanding. Repentance revolution is meant to be the way of life that you live, rejoicing to be redeemed. Be thankful that you are not locked in the prison house of sin, captivated and motivated by demon spirits that want you dead. Rather, you are motivated by My Holy Spirit, which is given to lead and guide you in the way of all truth.

Stop and consider that you are no longer a prisoner of the liar and his lies. Nor do his demons motivate you in the vileness of sin as they once did. Be ever glad that you do not have to go in the way of fools, who are too proud to repent. Repeatedly be rejoicing for repentance revolution, for such has brought you into reconciliation to Me.

Truly, there is great power in repentance, and if the people of any nation will humble themselves and cry out sincerely unto Me, I will turn away My wrath from them. Consider that if the peoples or nations will repent, it is Me the Living God who will honor them. Even those who have known Me and turned aside to heathenism can be forgiven and restored if they repent. Be thankful for the privilege to be in the repentance revolution day by day.