Repugnant, Resentful Rebels Are Rejected

I speak unto you this day, telling you that those who offer Me excuses will find themselves unacceptable in My sight. This is, and always will be, the standard that I desire and require. When I sent My Son Jesus to earth, He came giving Me His all. He did not offer excuses. He gave to Me obedience, even unto death.

Know that He is the pattern for all who truly desire to be found well pleasing. Consider that if the One who laid His life down did so in obedience, then you are to do the same, because it is Me you are meant to please. I do not find pleasure in those who are full of excuses and think that they get by with the same.

While you hear the murmurers and complainers declaring that My way is too hard for them to conform to, know that they are self-lovers who want their own way above My way. That is, they think that if they give Me what they consider to be legitimate excuses, then they can do what they want. They mistakenly believe that they will still be found acceptable unto Me.

However, because they are full of complaints, even if I gave them what they wanted, they would have other excuses not to conform. I am not calling you to such a place of doublemindedness; I am calling you to the place of absolute obedience unto the commands of My Spirit. Such commands are given to you that you would come forth in the way that I intend and ordain.

Realize that I do not desire those who are full of complaints to inhabit My kingdom, because they are not truly committed unto Me. Their goals are to be pleasing themselves rather than Me. Therefore, I have established the standard, and only those who will adhere unto the same are acceptable in My sight.

When the rebellious who are determined to have their own way think that they can do as they please, they are stupid, dull and dumb. This is because they are bowing to the idol of self, and all who bow unto idols are dumb as the idols they serve.

Be glad that you do not have to be under the covering of self, ever bowing to the whims of the same. As you know, self is never satisfied, and those who try to please themselves, are never at peace. This is because they are following in the steps of the demons that motivate self-lovers. Know of a surety that you are not intended to please any other god, nor go in any other way than My purpose for you.

When those who hear My call obey the call and come forth, then they are counted worthy of being partakers of My kingdom. I do not want you to be living in estrangement from My way. Rather, I want you to be walking in the way that is prepared for you. Those who are looking only for what they want rather than what I want are looking for deception. I do not call you to deception, for the same leads to despair, death and damnation.

Be aware that there are many voices that beckon to people. However, those voices are the voices of deceiving spirits, for such want you to fall under their demonic control and experience the ruination they bring. Never should anyone who is soberminded follow a drunkard when they can see the folly of the fool. So it is with My true people. They are not meant to give ear to deceiving spirits when they are under the covering of My Holy Spirit.

In these times, many have offered to Me their cleverly devised excuses. So, in their own minds they are fully justified. They go on in the pretension of religious ritual and tell themselves that they are fine with Me. However, what they are failing to do is establish the pattern of obedience to My Holy Spirit.

When people think that they can do as they please, they are willfully rebellious in My sight. This is because they are choosing the way that seems right to them. However, that way is the course of their destruction. Be alert, active, and alive with Me, in the sense that you are aware of the demons that want to deactivate you and take you to damnation.

The warfare for souls is a continual battle, and as My soldiers, you are to be aware of the tactics of demon powers so that you can, through the power of Jesus’ name, rebuke such forces and command them to be expelled. There is no reason to be a host for their suggestions, which only bring heaviness and death to your life in My Spirit.

When you are in the place of submission to Me, then you are found in the safety and security that I provide, despite the war at hand. Do not resent the way that I take you, but rather be thankful for the same. Know that through My Spirit’s guidance you are able to be victors, not victims. It is good in My sight when My people are trusting Me and not their own understanding. Be knowing each day that it is Me you can please and obey, as you follow in the path I give to you.

So many have lost their souls by giving ear to demon powers and listening to the voices of death. You are not meant to be taken in death; you are meant to go forward in the life that I have for you. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude because you have been redeemed. Consider that through the obedience of My Son Jesus, you were given the opportunity to receive salvation.

As you well know, you were headed in the way of damnation, had He not given you the opportunity to repent. Therefore, let your service in My kingdom army be one of joyful obedience, as you are under divine command.