Warning: Deadly Plague Arising

I speak to you this day and I say: Beware, pride is a plague. In these times, with the reign of pride increasing daily in the lives of men and women, know that pride is everywhere. Pride, like a deadly disease, is spreading throughout the earth, and particularly in the nations that have forgotten Me. Over and over, nations are taken down because of pride.

When pride comes, it is in many forms and multiplied disguises, bringing with it the predictions of greatness when things are falling down on every hand. That is, when pride is at work, it is intoxicating, and those who are drunk on pride are always right in their own eyes. I do not call you to such a place of distress and disturbance; I call you to the safety of humility.

Realize that when proud men and women arise, proclaiming their own greatness while strutting in the false glistening of pride, they are drunk and growing drunker by the day. This is because they are literally addicted to themselves and whatever image they desire to project.

If you were to consider the outrageous amounts that people spend on their own beautification, it is truly astounding. They do this in order to project an image of themselves that has been made up to impress others with their good looks. However, such outward displays do nothing to improve how they look before Me.

While their efforts may cause them to receive compliments from the world, before Me they are ugly. Their costumes are oftentimes outrageous, and their indulgence in jewels and additional accessories are ridiculous. Oftentimes, they will go into deep debt in order to project a false image of themselves.

I, in the days of old, brought My own people down because they had become so intoxicated on pride. In their pride, they thought nothing of violating all that I had for them and giving themselves over to raucous rebellion against My dictates. They boldly took up the ways of the heathen round about and indulged themselves in the practices of the same.

When they turned to idols, they grew hard of heart and their minds were upon evil continually. In fact, so blinded they were by pride, that they refused to hear the true prophets who came to them. I sent My prophets to them, foretelling of My wrath soon to hit them if they did not repent. Instead of listening to the words of warning, they did great harm to My messengers, and many times stoned them to death.

This was because they were so sure that they were right, they could not stand to hear that they were wrong. Over and over, they repeated such transgressions and then ended up in captivity to the very heathen whose ways they followed. Because they trusted in the lies of pride, they ended up greatly devastated and were taken from the good land that I had given to them.

Realize that pride brings destruction and damnation rather than salvation. Pride is a master of deception, because it originated with the devil. It was he who deceived the first created by the lies he told and the subtle seductions whereby they gave way to pride. Over and over, the same tactics and manipulations are used by wicked forces to lure men and women into the falsity of pride. Once people are ensnared, they cannot extract themselves.

It is only through Me that they are loosed from the shackles of pride and made free to worship and serve Me. Those who cleave to My way are kept in the safety and security of My way. However, there are many who choose to return to pride and are given greater delusion by the deceiver when they do.

Know that those who bite the bait of lies are destined to damnation. The ones who have been redeemed through the blood of My Son Jesus then return to the bondage of pride by their own choices are outright fools. They will receive double in their damnation, because they have known the truth then returned to pride as their covering.

Pride is abomination before Me, and I am sorely displeased with the proud who have contempt for My way. I have in mercy provided the way through My Son for people to be redeemed from the penalty of their sins. When any has come into such mercy then returns to pride, such one greatly grieves and angers Me.

It is My expectation that people keep their vows they make to Me. Yet, the ones who still hold to the proud image of who they imagine they were are nothing but drunken fools before Me. As they believe in their own greatness and choose to reconcile themselves to the same, they are showing that they are contemptible and repulsive in their rebellion.

Be aware that I smell the stench of pride everywhere and I bring down mighty nations because of pride. Therefore, do not receive pride into your minds and walk under the covering of the same. Know that pride is delusion that brings confusion, as you see all around. While people are declaring how proud they are of their diversity, they continue to sink in the cesspool of perversity, till confusion reigns.

With the deceiving spirits multiplying rapidly, they go from one to another, spreading the plague of pride, till multitudes are in the cruel clutches of this death rendering disease. Do not in any measure allow pride to spring up in your hearts. Realize that pride is drunkenness and leads only to destruction and death. After such death comes damnation for the proud fools.