God’s People Judged First

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say that judgment begins at My house. That is, I am judging, and I will continue to judge My own people first. Inasmuch as it is My timing to expose the workers of iniquity, do not think that I close My eyes to the attitudes, reactions, and actions of the ones who claim to be Mine.

Therefore, do not be shocked, nor taken aback when you hear of the misconduct that is being committed by those who are the leaders of My people. When those in leadership are corrupt, so are My people likewise corrupt. They close their eyes to the sinning leaders, for they too are in sin.

So it is, that through such behaviors as are transpiring, it is the children, the lambs who suffer. While those who are full grown are able to live through it all, the children are misshapen in their perceptions by the sinful behaviors of those who are in rule. Know that I do not approve of intentional sinners on any level and that they are being and will be judged by Me.

Thank Me this day that My Spirit is continually searching your hearts to guide you away from sin. My intention is that you would be coming forth uplifted in the power of My presence and desiring to please Me. Do not look for the world’s approval, for the same is nonsense. The standard of the world is not the standard that I desire for you to live by.

When you see the ones who have chosen sin above righteousness, know that you are looking at fools. Believe Me, many fools are taken in their folly as they die in their sins and are delivered into the caverns of hell. Know that hell is under continual expansion in order to be receiving the masses of humanity who are sent there.

Be thankful that you can choose to live for Me and to walk in the way that I give to you. When you are walking in My way, then are you kept in the way that is upright and directed in a plain path. As those who are determined to live for Me, do not turn to the left nor right. Simply keep your vision upon Me. As you walk in the way that I provide, then you are kept each and every day. My Spirit is ever present to forewarn you of the traps and entanglements that have been set for you to fall into by the devil.

Over and over, I do and will continue to call My people to be coming forth in that which I give to them because they are Mine. I do not have intention for them to be guided into the ditch of despair that is found alongside the path that leads to eternal life. It is totally My intention that My people be given multiplied mercies as they stay in the straight and narrow way.

The ones who end in the ditch are the ones who get their eyes off of Me and are tripped up by demons. Keep your vision single, not looking to any other. Likewise, do not listen to the endless demon-inspired voices that seek to entice you into the broad way, where multitudes have lost their souls.

The world is like a huge carnival, offering every kind of cheap thrill to those who are dumb enough to be fooled by the seductions of the same. However, if you are keeping your eyes, hearts and minds stayed upon Me, then are you kept in the way of life. Know conclusively that I am the One who gives to you everything that you have need of, because you are Mine. You do not lack for any good thing.

Those who are listening to demon voices will be seduced to believe that the world has something to offer them. They are deceived to believe that they are missing out by staying in the way of righteousness. The reality is, those who are staying in the way of righteousness are missing out on a life of sinfulness and then damnation forever.

Be thankful that you can “miss out” on such things and be brought forth in the way that is life. Live each day in the attitude of gratitude that you are not led astray and damned by your own choices for sin. When you really consider how important it is that you choose Me, then do so with rejoicing each day. The way that I give to you is the way wherein you can partake of My strength and My power, and by the same be kept.

In these times, when I the Living God am judging throughout the world, be ever so glad that you can be found approved of Me. That is what you are meant to be, a people who are well pleasing in attitudes and actions. The more that your goals are in line with My purposes, so will you see the same being achieved. However, if you are driven by your own ambition, know that you have received the input of demons. Such is coupled with your own carnality, which is in constant opposition to My will for you.

In these times, when My judgment is being made more and more evident, realize that I am first and foremost judging My own people and finding them lacking. If they do not repent, they are as liable for hell as the unrepentant sinners who cover the land. Therefore, do not assume that those who claim to be Mine are able to escape with their sins intact. They either forsake their sins and walk uprightly, or they are banished by Me.

Do not allow yourselves to enter into the entanglements that are found in the “independent mind,” for the same are the snare of the wicked one, sent to bring ruination to any and all who will be tempted to believe in and receive the lies. Follow after Me, for I am indeed the God who desires you to come forth rejoicing day by day because you are redeemed and walking in the way of the righteous. It is a good thing to please Me, not the world.