GOD or gods?

I speak forth this day to those who will listen, and I declare to you: Continue to allow My Spirit to search your hearts. This is not the time to indulge in transgression and violation of Me. I the Living God am openly displaying My sore displeasure with those who have chosen other gods.

Be thankful for the searching and probing of My Spirit into your hearts, for the same will keep you in sanity and safety. Do not be vexed nor tormented by the demonic powers that are spread out in open display, putting forth themselves as though they remain forever. They do not remain forever. Only I remain as the invincible, the Almighty, the One who remains everlasting.

When people are under the deception of foul spirits, they see themselves as invincible. However, they are merely human beings who can be brought down by Me. Therefore, do not yield to their corrupt powers, which are sent to kill, steal and destroy. As you are walking uprightly with Me, you will not easily gravitate to such corruption. You will be shown the way that I give to you, and guided in the same.

Throughout the history of My people of old, they made vows to Me, which they then oftentimes broke. In the breaking of their vows, they were proven to be fools who were consumed with folly. I do not call you to folly; I call you to walk uprightly in Me. It causes Me much pain when My people make vows to Me, then break their vows and take up idols. You are not intended to worship idols; you are intended to worship Me, for I am your Creator, your Maker. Those who turn aside to idols are turning to their own destruction.

As you know, the nations are being shaken at this time. It is Me the Living God who is shaking the nations. I am doing this because there are many who have grown fat off of corruption and wickedness, and they are serving the devil in their actions. If I the Living God do not judge the wicked, so will others continue to be contaminated and corrupted by their wickedness. I do not call you to be a partaker of such as is present in these times, when the wicked are in rule. Therefore, realize that it is Me that you are answerable unto and that you are to walk uprightly in Me.

Many have known My way, then departed because of the pressures that are present in these times. I do not call you to depart from Me; I call you to walk uprightly in Me each and every day, keeping the vows that you have made to Me. Trust in Me, that I will give to you the strength that you have need of to walk in integrity in these times of deception. Remember that I am the One you are meant to please, to serve and obey.

When people are humble, they seek to please Me. However, many, when they prosper, forget about Me and take up idols. Soon, they are following after the ways of the world and being brought into captivity by the same.

You are not meant to be in mental bondage to the subtle seductions that are on every hand. You are meant to be freed in your minds to know that it is Me who keeps you in circumstances that are beyond your control. Know that by My strength you are enabled to keep on walking onward in My purpose for you.

Of course, the wicked are always present with their schemes of corruption to cause you sore distress and sorrow. However, as you are focused upon Me, you will see that I am able to turn your sorrow into joy, as it is Me who does transform. Realize that nothing is impossible for Me, and that I do things for you that you cannot do for yourselves. Be all the more glad that you do not have to walk in darkness but that I give My light to you.

When My Spirit searches your hearts and you see where you have grieved Me, turn from such errors. You are not meant to live in continual upsets caused by transgression and violation of Me. You are meant to live in the blessedness that I delight to give to you as you are single in your focus and truly keeping your vows to Me.

Be aware that many are slipping daily from the path that I provide, and they are falling down in the mire of sin. This is happening because their confidence is in themselves rather than Me. That is, they are trusting that they are the ones who are able, and that I cannot do for them. In such misguidance, they go down the road that leads to death and damnation.

Do not be trusting in the arm of flesh, not even your own flesh, for to do so will bring you under the curse of the same. Be trusting in Me, for I am the One who shows you mercy day by day and leads you forth. Because of self-reliance rather than reliance on Me, multitudes are in hell. This is because they took to trusting in how much strength they had rather than relying on My strength.

When you see the ones who are worshiping themselves, know that they are deceived by pride. The strength of a man or woman does not last forever, and those who have their confidence in self are setting themselves up. Do not be trusting in what you can do, for it is Me who enables you. Be trusting in Me as the One who will give you the strength that you have need of each day to guide you in My way.

Multitudes trust and rely upon themselves, all for naught. Be trusting in Me and know that I guide you forth in the way that is pure. You are called and chosen for My way. Be glad to be given such a privilege in this wicked, damnation-driven generation.