Ultimate Fools

I speak to you this day, and I will declare it plainly, that I find no pleasure in fools. Fools are such because they are rebellious against Me. Refusing to receive correction and instruction, they go in the devilish direction, led by demons. It is not My intention that men would choose such madness, yet they do, because of their determination to have their own way.

In these times, you see that fools are everywhere because of the rebellion of this age. Multitudes have rejected sound counsel and godly wisdom. They take up the rebellious rhetoric and worldly wisdom, which can only end them in death. Yet, because they are choosing to be losing while thinking they are just fine, they show how really defiant they are of Me.

For the majority, to collapse into the arms of lies and believe the liar is the easiest way. When they do so, they become rebellious against Me because they are listening to the counsel of the devil. Receiving their so-called wisdom from the world, they become wise in their own conceit. However, they are literally dumb, for they are bound by the lies of the liar. What they assumed to be the easiest way has actually become a trap and entanglement unto them as they are losing their souls.

If you could see how many there are who blame Me for their sorrows and losses, it is truly astounding. I am the good Father who cares for My own people with great compassion. Likewise, it is through My mercy that I have sent My Son Jesus to the lost and dying sinners, offering them salvation from the penalty of their sins. That is why it is absurdity for people to blame Me and forget that the evil in this world is the work of the devil and his demon forces.

When people reject My comfort, they are rejecting the very thing that they need. The ones who cry out to Me in their sorrows and sufferings are given My mercies. This is because they are not too proud to express their neediness to Me. Be aware that I hear the cries of any and all who look to Me as their source, because it is My pleasure to do so. I do not reject the ones who are needy of My help and realize the same.

In the times that are coming upon this earth, you will see the ugliness of those whose hearts are set against Me, for they will seek to bring the masses under their cruel rule. Because of the hatred that fills them, they will try to utterly destroy any and all who resist their schemes for takeover.

As My true people, be alerted to the fact that the fools despise you because you are Mine. They want you to be destroyed, inasmuch as you are subject to Me and not to them. Because they are intoxicated on pride, they believe if they do away with you, then there will be none to resist them.

They are trusting in the lies of the liar who bears rule over them, and in the same proving themselves to be the ultimate fools. While they plot the overthrow of any remains of godliness in the land, they are simply laboring towards their own destruction and damnation. What they fail to realize is that the hard times will drive many into Me, for they will see that “the easiest way” is no longer an option.

While wicked men and women imagine that they rule forever, they do not, nor do they remain in their riches and great power schemes. The truth of it is that all must face the reality that it is Me who is in control, and I am the One who gives the very breath of life. Therefore, let it be Me that you will look to day by day. As you are looking unto Me, you are enabled to be partaking of the blessedness that is given through Me as your Maker.

Those who will walk in humility will be shown by My Spirit the way of safety and security that I provide. The ones who are trusting in themselves are proving that they are in the company of the ultimate fools. There are many who will go down in these times, ending their own lives in tragedy because they have believed in their own power.

You will see many who are rich in the world end up destitute. Some of these will take their own lives as they follow the prompting of the liar to kill themselves. Little do they see that the command to kill themselves comes from the enemy, whose lust is to kill, steal and destroy.

Those who are trusting in their carnal riches and the power they achieve through the same are trusting in shifting sands. They are likewise ultimate fools, because they have put their trust in those things that make themselves wings.

No man can take his riches with him when he dies. He is alone when he faces Me and hears his sentence for eternity. There are multitudes of rich men in hell, because they trusted in vanity and vexation and were left desolate of the true riches found through Me.

There are multitudes who think that through their riches they will be enabled to buy their way through. However, by their trust in riches, they become poor. This is because in these times many are losing their fortunes overnight. They do not know the joy that comes in the morning. Instead, they know desolation and emptiness.

Be glad that you do not need to be in the company of ultimate fools. Rather, you can walk in the straight and narrow way that I give. As you follow the commands of My Holy Spirit, you will discover that indeed, there is a good life provided for all who will look to Me as their source. Likewise, you will be given the true riches that are prepared for the obedient who trust in Me. Abide in the attitude of gratitude, in the company of the redeemed.