Wisdom of Liars

I speak unto you this day, and I tell you there are many who are mockers and scoffers in these times. This is because men and women have departed from My way to take up their own ways, which can only lead them to damnation of their souls. In the broad way, there are countless enticements, beckoning the foolish to enter into such enticements so that they lose their souls.

I do not intend for them to behave as they do. They are the ones who have grown wise in their own conceits and believe themselves to be superior to what they are. Do not by any means have false imaginations as to how superior you are. Realize that you are not in any way, shape or form superior.

In fact, those who are imagining themselves to be superior have been blinded by pride, whereby they walk in the abomination of the same. When people grow proud, they despise correction, which is given by Me. In their despising of My correction, they likewise refuse instruction because of their “right in their own eyes” state of being.

There are endless fools in hell who saw themselves as superior and likewise would not receive any correction or instruction. They went headlong into the enticements of the broad way, only to find themselves wretched in the lives they chose on earth. Then, when their time was up, they went straightway into hell to dwell in the habitations of the damned forever.

It is senseless to live as a fool, die as a fool, and spend eternity in hell, yet multitudes take such a course because they consider it better, because they do not have to be told what to do. However, they are too dumb to see that they are being told what to do by demons. I do not intend for people to be so resentful and rebellious against Me, yet they are because they are stubborn, proud and defiant.

Thank Me that you do not have to live in such a wretched state of being because of demonic input into your minds and hearts. Be glad even now that through My Holy Spirit you are uplifted and guided forth. You do not have to waste countless years in the broad way and expend your lives for vanity and the emptiness of the same.

You are indeed privileged to know that I am the author and the finisher of your faith. I am the One who enables you to come forth, made glad for the privilege you have to be redeemed from the penalty of sin. Do not ever forget that you have received redemption as a gift from Me through My Son Jesus. In accepting that gift, you receive the responsibilities that come with such a gift.

Realize that you are to be made accountable and responsible for the truth that is given to you daily. You are not meant to neglect the truth. Rather, you are to stand for the truth, for the same sets you free to follow Me. As you are walking uprightly in the way that I provide, you are shown that My way is the superior way. It surpasses all other ways and leads to eternal life in Me. You are escorted by the angels into heaven when you leave this life.

Be knowing of a surety that there is no other way that surpasses My way, for My way is truth, wisdom, understanding and knowledge. All of the wisdom of the world’s wise men is foolishness before Me. This is because they are covered in the lies of the liar who rules over them. Therefore, their understanding is darkened. So, they do not come into the truth because of the obstacle of pride.

Those who are high minded in the sense of being proud will always end up in damnation, unless they repent and return to Me as their Maker, their God. It is not wise to hang out with proud men and women, for their pride is contaminating and will bring you into the captivity of pride.

Be glad that you are kept in the humility of truth as you walk in the same. When you are allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you, you will not be able to give way to pride, because the Spirit will expose the same. Therefore, do not seek to be superior; seek to be in right standing with Me. Know that you are under the superior covering when you are subject unto Me. Be thankful each day that it is My goodness that gives you a purpose in life.

There are countless multitudes who live for emptiness, and in the end are damned. Thank Me that your eyes have been opened and your ears have been unstopped that you can receive the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that you are freely given by Me. You do not need to live your lives in futility and emptiness. You can live your lives for My intention and in the way that I provide for you.

Keeping this in mind, serve Me in the attitude of gratitude and know that by My mercies you are given the new life that only comes through belief in My Son Jesus as your Savior and Lord. It is mercy to be ruled by Me and to be guided forth in the plain path that keeps you from the way of transgressors. Remember that the way of transgressors is hard, the way of fools is madness, and the way of pride is abomination.

The only way that is safety and sanity is the way that I have purposed for you. As you keep your vision stayed upon Me, you are led forth and enabled to rejoice each day. Thank Me that you are not intended to walk afar off, nor wander in desolated places. Rather, you are enabled to keep in the company of the redeemed and to live in the righteousness that I intend for you. Be glad that you are not trapped by the wisdom of liars.