The Force of Love

I speak unto you this day, My people, telling you that I want you to persevere in love, that is, the love that is above human love, the love that binds My people together. Do not be hasty to turn aside from the love that I desire for you to live in always. You gain as you endure the pain of love.

When you are journeying through this sin-sick and perverted world, be aware there are many who choose hatred because they are hard of heart. That is, they have distanced themselves from Me as their Maker, and they want to have things their own way. Such as these are lovers of self, choosing to worship themselves, while their lives are full of all manner of evil.

As you choose the pathway of loving Me, you will see that the enemies of your souls and your goals are greatly disturbed by your choices. Because they are the ones who are looking to kill, steal and destroy, they are constantly scheming against you. In their schemes, they attempt to cause you to turn from love and resort to the hatred they poison multitudes with.

In these times, there are masses of people who are engrossed in daily lives of sin and are opposing the truth. They hate the truth because the same convicts them of their vain and empty lifestyles. Over and over, they are choosing the sinful lives they are in rather than the lives of reconciliation unto Me. They have repeatedly rejected the conviction of My Holy Spirit upon them, and by the same have proven themselves to be full of vanity and pride. In the mindset of pride, they have contempt for the ones who are walking in the humility of divine love.

I do not want men, women and children to be locked into the cruelty of pride, because it is an oppressive prison house. However, as times progress and people are taught to hate Me rather than love Me, I find no pleasure in them.

At the present times, love is the greatest weapon that you have against the pride and hatred that have taken multitudes into captivity. Such captivity is cruel, and there are few who escape from the clutches of pride and hatred. Yet, in their own eyes, they see themselves as good people.

Realize that when anyone is hating Me, they cannot be good people, because they are motivated by the master of deception, the devil himself. It is declared, and the declaration remains, that those who reject Me are destined for damnation by their choices. The devil does not shape anyone in the way of My love, for he cannot. He has been a murderer from the beginning, and his goal is to see multitudes destroyed by his covering over their lives.

Inasmuch as most are living in destitution of soul, be aware that their choices have been motivated by demons and that they are destined to damnation. Even the multitudes who are considered as good people are on the course of demonic deceit. Those who are dead in their trespasses and sins are hell bound, and even though they may appear to be good people, they are not, for they refuse Me.

Thank Me this day that you are given the admonition to let My Spirit search your hearts, for when you come into the divine light that I give, you will be enabled to see the darkness that you have walked in. Likewise, you will see that you need the cleansing of the blood of Jesus both outwardly and inwardly. Because love is the conquering force, you will not be able to hide when My Holy Spirit shows you the sins you are guilty of.

Do not run from the force of love, but rather desire to be filled with the same. When you are in the force of love, you will be able to love the ones who have never known true love. There are endless multitudes in these times who have no idea what it means to live in love and know the blessings of the same. Essentially, they are the victims of loveless lives, and by such, they live in the clutches of pride and hatred, knowing nothing else.

As you allow love to conquer in your own lives, so will you be able to reach out to others and show My love to them. Of course, some will respond in hatred, while others will be melted by the extension of the force of love given to them.

Such as these will respond to the ministering of love to their desolate lives and souls. So it is that they, having been filled with pride and hatred, will find their walls of captivity destroyed by the force of love that I send to them.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude as you follow My Holy Spirit and allow love to cover you in the way that is divine. You are called and chosen to be vessels of honor unto Me, and in such, you will find the replenishing strength that is present in love. When it appears that some people are impossible to love, know that My love conquers. Therefore, keep on loving, and as you do, so are you loved by Me.

The world is full of hatred, and the consequences of the same become more and more evident every day. This is why I am calling forth My ambassadors of love to show that there is a better way, the higher way wherein I make My abode. Do not be ashamed to call people to My way, to show them the love that they have never known.

While many will reject such love, there are the ones who are craving and longing for the change in their lives that only love can bring. Remember that you were once blind, deaf and dumb with reference to My love. However, I sent the force of love unto you, and you were transformed by the same. Be thankful for My love.