Take Dominion

I speak to you this day and I remind you that I have through My Son Jesus Christ given to you dominion. You are not meant to be subject to the lesser powers of men and women. You are meant to be in dominion over the same, inasmuch as you are Mine.

Realize that you can transcend carnal cruel men and women and ascend into Me as your Maker, your Keeper. When you, through revelation revolution, come to the understanding of that dominion power, you will be elated. It will be made evident to you that the lower powers do not have the power that they believe themselves to have.

Know of a surety that I have called you to walk in the power each day, looking to Me as the One you please. When you see how much the wicked are evil when in power, know that it is Me who judges them for their wickedness. If they do not turn from such wickedness, I return unto them seven times what they have done to My people, then I hurl them into hell when they die. This is because I am in total dominion over all the powers that exist on the earth.

It was, is, and always will be ME who reigns supreme. All of those who imagine that they may be gods are deceived by the serpent’s lies. Through the revelation revolution, if you proclaim that you have power over such tormenting powers as are sent by the devil through the wicked, you can bind them in the name of My Son, Jesus Christ. As you practice such revelation, you will see the revolution it brings.

I have intended that My people would be victorious, not defeated by the lesser powers that attempt to make them helpless victims. Remember that there is a battle which transpires in your minds and hearts daily. The old nature is in alliance with the devil and his demons, and the attempt is made through such enemies to get you to return to carnality. This is because the enemies are aware that if you give up and return to the state of carnality, you are defeated in the same.

It is not My intention that you be returned to carnality. It is My intention that you walk uprightly in the way that I intend for you, ever made glad to be serving Me. When you are putting into practice the dominion power that you have as your inheritance, then will you become more and more aware of what you have. There are multitudes who claim that they Mine, yet they never exercise the power that is in the name of Jesus. Because of this, they live as victims, defeated and discouraged.

You are not meant to cower down to the bullying of demons, but rather withstand them in your minds, determined that they will not rule over you. As you will make it your practice to put into action what is given to you, you will see that the enemies are scattered. Look at those who are wicked as a flock of buzzards feeding off of death. If you will exercise dominion authority, they cannot feed off of you, for you are alive in Me.

Be serving in the attitude of gratitude, not hesitating to give Me thanks and praise. As you praise Me, you will find that I inhabit the praises of My people and that I am ever present. Why not allow yourselves to be in revelation revolution? Release your minds. Be exercised to know the difference between good and evil by asking for My Holy Spirit’s mind to be over you. In the Holy Spirit mind, you will receive revelation that will revolutionize how you think and how you act.

Be glad today that you are privileged to be a partaker of the glories that are inherent in Me. It is Me the Living God who gives instruction to My Spirit to move you from glory to glory. Do not attempt to take the glory to yourselves. Realize that I am the One who is to be glorified because I am the Almighty, who reigns supreme over your lives.

Do not grow weary in well doing, for you will reap in righteousness as you are in obedience to the commands of My Spirit. In obedience to the Spirit’s commands, you will gain greater and greater dominion power and you will be uplifted in the way of eternal life.

Keeping your eyes, hearts and minds stayed continually upon Me, you will find that your lives are transformed. This is because you will be in the spiritual realms rather than the carnal realm. In the many realms of the spiritual life, you will come into deeper and deeper revelation of My love for you as My people.

Thank Me even this day that you are not delegated unto death. You are called to live the life abundant through Me, the One who desires you to abide with Me forever. You have been given the opportunity to become My sons and daughters and to rule and reign with Me in heavenly dimensions, where I make My abode.

Be a people who are in the unity of community here on earth, for in heaven there is none who is allowed to “do their own thing.” I see the ones who want to do their own thing as rebels. Such as these are rejected by Me. Do not keep company with those who are hellbent on doing their own thing. Know that their rhetoric is as old as hell itself, and the lure of the lies they tell are merely enticements to draw others into the snare that they are in.

You are not meant to be ensnared by the liars and their lies. You are meant to take dominion over such fools and bind the lesser powers that work through them. Know that through Me you are truly given dominion power and authority over all such principalities and powers. Take dominion!