Army of Wanderers – National Plague

I speak unto you this day and I tell you that I hate evil. Therefore, those who are pursuing the detestable things are found detestable in My sight. When you see the ones who are persistent in committing deeds of wickedness, know they are stubborn and proud.

I have sent My Spirit to them to convict them of their sins, yet they have despised My Spirit. They have hated the messengers I sent to them, who likewise called them to repent. Such ones as these are determined to do the detestable, and in the same be destroyed and damned by their sins.

It is My desire that all people would repent and turn to Me as their God. However, the reality is that most will not, for they prefer the deeds of evil rather than the course of righteousness. Being governed by the input of demons and the god of this world, they choose according to death. Therefore, know that such as these are destined to damnation.

Be thankful even today that you are not destined to damnation as you choose to walk uprightly in Me, the Living God, the One who has given to you My Holy Spirit. The Spirit guides you forth in the path that I have intended. As you are accepting of the Holy Spirit’s guidance, you are not left to flounder and wander as so many are. You are living in times when countless multitudes are wandering in desolation and emptiness.

Every day, the ranks are increased in the army of wanderers who are found throughout the land. These ones are without direction, as they do not accept correction nor instruction. Motivated by desolation, they prove themselves unable to cope with many of the hard realities of modern living. Some are in the lifestyle by necessity. However, most have chosen the lifestyle because they are rebellious.

This army is literally a plague that I forewarned would come, and now it is here and not going away. These wanderers have been called “the homeless.” So they are, as they wander from place to place, unable to secure even the everyday necessities of life. No matter how many think, through human compassion, that they can alter the course of such ones, they cannot. When a plague is sent by Me, the plague is not stopped by the efforts of people.

This particular plague is the consequence and evident sign to the nation that has wandered far from Me. Such a nation will find itself desolate and unable to secure basic needs as times progress. This is because the majority have chosen to rebel and hate My rule over them. Because of that rebellion, they are repulsive to Me, and I detest their deeds of wickedness and corruption.

So it is, that the plague is not stopped. The sight of such ones even becomes detestable to the ones who at first felt much compassion towards them. This too is a sign, for My mercies are exhausted towards those who continue in the way that I detest. Be aware that those plagues that I send are sent to give additional warning to the ones who have not chosen against Me.

Be thankful that when you see the warnings you can obey the commands of My Holy Spirit and be guided in the pathway that I have for you. When you are in obedience unto Me, you will find that I provide for you such as you need whenever you are needy of the same. I do not desire you to be in the way of the wanderers, for it is the road to desolation, despair, and detestable deeds. I desire you be walking uprightly, giving Me thanks and praise each day, for My mercies are new to you every morning.

Thank Me even now that I am the One who is well able to give to you all that you need to be kept by Me. Be glad that you do not need to be far from Me. You can walk in Me each day, for My Spirit leads you closer to Me, so that you understand My intentions for you.

Rejoice for the fruitfulness that is found in the course of righteousness. Know that you can live long and bear much fruit in your lifetime on this earth as you choose My way. There is My way, which is righteousness; then there is the way of sin, which men choose in transgression against Me.

Each day, let it be Me that you choose. In Me you will find the light, the life, and the love that I have for the obedient. I do not accept unrepentant rebels into My kingdom. Those who are determined to do the detestable are by the same determined for damnation.

Be glad that you are not meant to end in damnation. Thank Me and praise Me that as you have believed in My Son Jesus, you have been given salvation. Being made free from the penalty of your sins, you are enabled to walk in the freedom road which leads to eternal life in My kingdom.

Serve each day in the attitude of gratitude that you have been redeemed and given the new life, the chance to live again, free from the chains of sin. No longer governed by the god of this world, you will not wander with the desolate; you will be in the company of the redeemed. Thank Me that the way that I have given to you is the way that is hope, trust, and faith in Me, the One who loves you.

Do not be afraid to follow after My Spirit’s directives, for they are full of the true compassion that I give. While men make a show of false compassion, the same quickly fades. Then there is no mercy shown towards those who are in the army of wanderers. They are left to the desolation of their own choices and grow more angry by the day. Realize that to the righteous, the ones in right standing with Me, goodness is the cup they receive from Me.