Bastards Born of Spiritual Adultery

I speak unto you this day, My people, and I say: Know who I am, for I am the King of glory. By Me nations are brought up, and by Me nations are brought down and remembered no more. While proud men, women and nations see themselves as invincible, they are not, for it is Me who reigns supreme, and I govern all the nations of this world. Therefore, be thankful even this day that it is Me that you can look unto in faith, hope and trust.

While the kingdoms and powers of men are being shaken, be knowing that I am the One who will keep you through it all as you keep your focus single unto Me. Do not reach out to the world to steady you, for you will be sadly disappointed. In addition, you will be displeasing to Me, for I alone am your Maker, the One who is the Keeper of your souls.

I do not desire that My people would be reaching out to any other god, any other source, any power of men or nations. Realize of a surety that it is Me who makes the way for you when it appears that there is no way. Because I am the God of miracles, there is nothing impossible with Me.

Keep clear in these times when you will see collapse and crushing, calamity and crumbling. Do not look at the disastrous circumstances, then grow fearful, and likewise become unfaithful towards Me. Be aware that I have alerted My people over and over to the facts. The times of great shaking are here, and things will never be as they were. The shaking is the breaking down of the nations that have forgotten Me and turned to the ways of demons.

It is extremely stupid before Me when men and women are choosing those things that are wrong in My sight. In such choices, they are making themselves to be My enemies, and have chosen the way of destruction. In such choices, they have become blinded by the god of this world, the devil.

Know that the devil is, was, and always be, a liar, murderer, thief and destroyer. You are not meant to be partakers of such insanity, yet multitudes choose to be in the madness of his domain rather than the soberness of the way that I provide.

It is only too obvious that the world is tottering on the brink of total collapse as the consequence of departure from Me. I do not call men and women to be distanced from Me. I call them to move closer to Me, as the crushing calamities and crumbling nations are evident.

Do not be as the spiritually lazy who think that somehow, they are doing everything right. Such as these do not put any effort into their relationship with Me. Instead, they are ever looking only for those things that they want, not the things that I desire. Instead of walking uprightly, they have in their spiritual slothfulness grown far from Me.

I do not desire such ones to be as they are. It is by their own choices that they will be found under My wrath rather than My mercy. Be thankful even today that you can walk uprightly in Me. You will find the mercies that I have for you to be ever available. Such are the present resources that you have need of moment by moment.

Because multitudes have refused to listen to Me, you will see how much they have invited the punishments that I will extend towards them. Their choices have ended them in the place of separation from Me. They are not able to see how important it is that they choose Me rather than the death that is awaiting them.

It is Me who gives the ears that hear and the eyes that see, as well as the mercies to those who will listen and see that what I have is good. However, if men and women choose to adulterate what it is that I am in order to justify their own sins and continual misconduct, they are the fools. Does not My written Word declare it, and the same remains true, that fools are taken in their folly? They are not taken by death into heaven; they are hurled into hell for their choices for darkness rather than light.

Serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, for you are not meant to be an unfaithful, untrue people whose minds are full of the clutter of this world. You are meant to be faithful and true unto Me, seeking for your minds to be renewed by the washing of the Word. Realize that your old nature is the absolute enemy of My purposes for your lives. Therefore, do not trust your own carnality. Realize that you need My Spirit to guide you forth in the way that I intend and provide for you to walk in.

There are days ahead when I will by My Spirit call multitudes to run into Me and be kept. This is because the world is built upon shifting sands, and many will be crying out for what they do not even know. The reality is that because of the slothfulness and laziness of My people, multitudes are spiritually blind and are destined to be damned.

Spiritual ignorance is rampant because those claiming to be My people have failed to keep their hearts right before Me. Instead, they have gone a whoring and fornicated with the world. Many bastards have been born because of their unfaithfulness and multiplied adulteries. I am not the father of many who are claiming to be Mine. Because of the spiritual unfaithfulness of their parents, they are bastards, because I am not their father.

Such as these need to allow My Spirit to search their hearts and convict them of their sins. Many so-called Christians of the present generation are merely pretenders who love themselves more than Me. Thank Me that I am your Father!