Drunk on Worldliness

I speak unto you this day, My people, and I would ask: Do you really love Me? The question I ask this day is to cause you to allow My Spirit to search your hearts. It is time to allow the cleansing of your hearts to transpire in such a way that you see how important it is that you really love Me.

There are many who, caught up in the cares of this life, imagine that they love Me, yet their deeds do not reflect the same. They are too involved in the everyday mundane existence of carnal living to give Me adequate time. So it is, they have their excuses and justifications, and the same seem right in their own eyes, yet those excuses are not found acceptable unto Me.

Because of the cruelty of the cares of this life, these ones become more and more engrossed in the values of the world than they are in Me. As they pursue the course that I have not intended, they become a disgrace unto My name. While they give the appearance of being Mine, their hearts are far from Me.

This is because they are more in love with the world than they are with Me. Such as it is, they oftentimes literally grow distanced from Me to the extent that they are simply pretending to be Mine, while all of their values have been transformed by the world for the world.

It is My intention that My people would keep Me first and foremost in their lives. Little do most understand how easily the enemy can erode the relationship they once had with Me through the pressure of everyday living. However, what they are failing to do is keep their vision single and ever purposed for Me as their Maker.

The very creation itself is groaning in expectation and hope for those who are truly Mine to be made manifest. In these days of continual pretension and hypocrisy, many do not see how important it is to keep themselves free from the encumbrances of the world. Driven by demons, they go on and on in the pursuit of achieving treasures and goals that are complete nonsense before Me. They spend themselves for vanity, and in the end they have nothing.

I do not intend you to pursue the world. I intend you to walk uprightly in Me as the author and finisher of your faith. Do not be as those who disappoint Me. Rather, be those who fulfill My purposes. Come forth purified in the way that is My intention for the sons of men. As you allow and even desire for My Spirit to search your hearts, you will come to see clearly the things that mar your relationship with Me.

My Spirit, when given free rein in your lives, will show you the adulteries that you have slipped into and how offensive such are to Me. Then, as you are shown how putrid the pretentious values are in My sight, you are expected to turn from the same, repentant and returning unto Me as your first love.

Know that My standard has not changed. I have always required that My people would love Me with all of their hearts, putting Me first in their pursuits here on earth. When you are loving Me in such a way, you will see repeatedly that I give to you all that you need to be kept by Me. There are no excuses that are acceptable to Me, in reference to the behavior of those who are Mine. The ones who are loving the world are not worthy of Me.

Those who are choosing to neglect the heart search by My Holy Spirit are literally pursuing the course of departure from Me. By their pursuit of the world, they are showing that they are adulterers and adulteresses, who want the world more than Me. Such ones as these often meet with terrible tragedies in their lives because their own choices. Then they wonder how such things could have come their way.

The truth is that I must sometimes bring devastating blows to the ones who are so caught up in the vanity of these times that they have departed and gone a whoring from Me. In their “responsibilities,” they have neglected their first obligation, which was, and is, to love Me first above any and all else. Therefore, do not be quick to offer consolation to such ones. Rather, pray that they will come to their senses and sober up.

In the carnal existence, when a person is pursuing the course of drunkenness, the inevitable consequence is that they invite many tragedies and sorrows into their lives. However, as they are enthralled with the delusion of drunkenness, they drive carelessly to the extent that they end up in a wreck. So it is, that those who are intoxicated on the ways of the world are speeding towards wreckage and even carnage in their lives.

How important are the carnal treasures when great tragedy strikes? If a person is honest, they will see the vanity of the things of this earth. Do not drive yourselves and your loved ones into the ditch by being drunk on the things of this world that pass away. Be aware that the true treasures are only to be found in and through Me, the One True God who remains.

Be honest with yourselves today as the Spirit takes over and searches your hearts. Do not justify yourselves, nor offer excuses to Me. Rather, be content to see how important it is that you keep Me first. The best thing to do is humble yourselves and repent, that you can be found constantly abiding in Me.

Remember that this earth is your proving ground, and as you choose Me above all else, you are proving that it is Me that you love. Do not have any other gods, any other lovers and lose your souls because of such. Be steadfast in your vows and commitments unto Me, knowing that I alone am the One who cares for your souls. Be faithful, rejoicing to be Mine.