More than Bad

I speak unto you this day: Take a look at the ones who have chosen to go a whoring from Me. You will see people who are under My wrath. They have turned away from Me as the fountain of living waters. They have indulged themselves in the unclean, filthy waters of sin and death. How dumb such ones are, for they are estranged from Me by their transgressions.

There are in these times multitudes who once claimed to be My people, yet they have strayed from Me. Instead of coming forth in the way that I intended for them, they turned aside and went after the course of sorrow by choosing sin above righteousness. Likewise, they worshiped other gods, and in the same they proved themselves to be spiritual adulterers and adulteresses. Literally, they went a whoring from Me, all to their own despair. There is no good thing that sin brings forth, and those who indulge in the same once they have known My Son are fools who are choosing death above life.

I point you to examples of such ones that you be not a partaker of their folly, for the same has led them into the ditch of despair, from where they cannot escape. Although they may appear to prosper in the world, they have damned their own souls by their choices against Me. Do not believe them, for they are lying to themselves and to Me.

They think that somehow their crimes against Me are not really “that bad.” Truth is, they are “more than bad” in My sight because they purposed themselves away from My way. How could I find pleasure in such ones? I say that I do not in any way whatsoever find pleasure in their folly. Such ones are an epidemic, for their sin disease is spread to others, as well as to their own generations.

Do not listen to the enemies who whisper that some sins are allowable because those sins are “not that bad.” Know that once people start on the road of sin, they find it only goes down, and they are traveling at a high rate of speed towards their own destruction.

Reality is, when any who has known My Son then turned aside to sin is in My eyes doing things that are more than bad, they have fallen and are actually glad to be in the broad way, where they can indulge themselves in the deceits of the world. Realize that the world is full of deceptions because it is ruled by the father of lies, the devil. Those who forsake the truth to go in the way of lies and believe liars are actually held as double transgressors who are twice dead.

Be aware that some of these ones may think that someday they will return. However, few of them ever humble themselves and come back to Me. The majority of them, hardened by pride and sin, will continue down the road that leads them to the very open mouth of hell. Know that hell is a voracious eater. She loves to open her mouth wide to receive the damned.

As My people, you are meant to remain true and faithful unto Me. Do not choose any other god, nor wander in any other way. Be desirous of pleasing Me, and in the same bringing forth much fruit. Thank Me this day that you have been given the privilege to be saved through the shed blood of My Son Jesus. He alone is the way of eternal life, and to have your eyes opened unto Him is a gift that is priceless.

Know that while fools are chasing after money, believing that in the same they are secure, it is not true. Without Me, there is no security to be had, for I am the safety of My people. Riches are deceitful, and those who sell their souls to the devil to acquire riches are covered in lies. I do not desire My people to love the world and the things that are in the world. When people fall in love with the trinkets, the gadgets, the luxuries of the world, they are falling into the arms of death.

Be thankful this day that you can serve Me and learn contentment with whatsoever it is that I give to you each day. Contentment is really a treasure when you are abiding in Me, because you are not vexed by greed and the lust of the world. As you serve in the attitude of gratitude, you become more clear in your understanding. Your eyes are opened to see that what I have intended for you is what you are meant to have. As you are contented in such as I give, then you are at peace.

In these days when My wrath is being openly revealed, be glad that you are not under wrath. Be aware that many will perish in the plagues that are being multiplied. Others will lose their lives and their souls in the natural disasters that are ever manifesting My anger with humankind. It does not give Me pleasure to punish as I must. If I do not show forth My sore displeasure with the actions of people in these times, the whole world will take on the attitude of those who were destroyed by the great flood.

The example of the great flood has been recorded so that people would be aware that they are not invincible. When they wax bold in their sins and their contempt for Me, then I must take action against their iniquities. Do not stop warning people of the consequences of their sins, for they are due to perish if they do not repent.

Remember I am angry with the wicked every day, and those who sin and think they are not that bad, are more than bad before Me. Those who purpose themselves to evil are mean, because their master is cruel and heartless, violent and murderous. In following him, they become as he is. Follow My Son Jesus and become as He is, and live totally for Me.