Cruelty or Compassion

I speak to all who have an ear to hear, and I declare this day that My eyes are ever upon you as you trust in Me. Those who look to Me as their source do not need to live in fearfulness, nor weary themselves by worrying, for the fact is that I keep My eyes upon the ones who truly love and trust Me, for they are precious in My sight.

It is My pleasure to show forth My affection for My true ones. That is, I do not treat them with cruelty, but rather, I treat them with compassion and kindness every day. There are limitless mercies that I extend to the ones who are loving Me, as they experience My compassion to them. Therefore, rejoice this day that you can be kept in the shadow of My wings in these times of calamity, uncertainty and hostility.

The days of peace among humankind are not at hand, because of the multiplied transgressions of the wicked. Their sins are openly displayed and magnified, whereby others are influenced by the same destructive forces. It is well established that multitudes are uncertain as to what is ahead, and they are frightened and full of anxiety. The more that corruption takes control of any nation, the more fearfulness and anxiety grab hold of the people.

Keep in mind that you are of My kingdom, which is the one steady kingdom that remains. Nations come and go, yet My kingdom remains because it is eternal and everlasting. Therefore, you are not to allow yourselves to be under the vexation that besets the heathen. You are to be under My covering of peace and safety, and kept in the mercies that I provide.

Realize that while evil men and women attempt to take control of any and all they can, My people belong to Me. They are not subject to the carnal powers that are full of vileness and corruption. The ones who are loving Me are not to put their lives under the yoke of bondage, because they belong to Me. As My people maintain their independence from the cruelty at hand, they are kept in the realms of My Spirit, where no earthly power can devastate and destroy them.

The resurrection principle applies to My people, and they are of course given the power through Me to rise again. That is, although they undergo suffering and oppression, they have the ability, through the way made by Jesus, to rise again in the newness of the life I give.

Do not stay down and allow the enemy forces to convince you that I have left you. I have not. I am always aware of what is happening with you, because you belong to Me. It is the common tactic of the wicked to attempt to convince My people that I have forgotten and abandoned them. Know that I have not abandoned you and that I am ever available unto you as you call out unto Me.

Many have lost out with Me because they listened to the lies of the liars rather than paying heed to Me as the One who is everlasting. Because of veering off in their focus, they lost sight of eternity and gave themselves over to the circumstances in which they lived. I did not intend for them to be so overwhelmed; I intended for them to be uplifted, guided, and directed by My Spirit each day.

Give thanks to Me, because as you are trusting in Me, you will see how much you are literally protected from the many tragedies that beset people day after day. The more that you concentrate yourselves upon Me, the more that you know the goodness of My kingdom, because My mercies are new to you every morning. Be glad this day that the mercies that I have for you are ever available, and when you ask of Me even the simplest matters, I will answer you in clarity.

My Spirit is ever with you to guide you forth in the way that you are called unto. Do not imagine that you are all alone, for you are not. By Me, you are enabled to do those things that you could not endure without Me. When others are under cruelty, you will be under compassion, because you are trusting in Me.

Therefore, this day, take the time to recount the many mercies that you receive as you believe in Me as the One True God. As you see the miseries that are abounding at this time, be thankful that you are not miserably bound and destitute of the truth. It is by believing in the truth of My Son as your Savior that you have been set free to serve Me. That in itself is the greatest miracle that any can experience: to be born again of incorruptible seed.

Let thankfulness be a constant in your lives. When you are living in the attitude of gratitude, you will not be easily disturbed by the adversities of the times, nor will you be discouraged by your circumstances and situations, for you will be uplifted into the realms of My mercies by My ever-present Holy Spirit.

These are the days when you need to make it your everyday habit to be thankful unto Me. This is because negativity is over the land, and many are collapsing under the fearfulness that grips them in cruelty and darkness. There are many ugly things that occur every day, yet I will show you My beauty if you look to Me.

It is by Me that you are shown how much mercy is available to the ones who are believing in Me as their Savior and Lord. Remember that you are the citizens of the heavenly kingdom and that you are not ruled by the hellish forces that seek to overwhelm and destroy multitudes. You belong to Me, and I am with you. Look to Me and know that My mercies surround you. You are not to be made miserable by demands of the wicked.