Misery and Madness, or Love Family?

I speak unto you this day and I declare to you the necessity that you seek for and apply your energies to the things of true value. There are many things that people go after in this life. However, those things are transitory and pass away, and in the end, they are destitute of soul because they have labored in vain. I do not call you to labor in vain; I call you to labor for the treasures that are eternal and everlasting.

Be glad that as you are partaking of those things that I have intended, you are kept in the goodness that I alone do give. It is a blessed life that you are called unto. As you stay faithful unto Me, you will find how much I give to you peace in the midst of anxiety. In these times, multitudes are living in anxiety day after day. They are pursuing vanity, trying to find a way to calm down the anxious thoughts within their own minds.

However, in their efforts for peace, they grow all the more anxious as peace eludes them, and they are fearful on every hand. I do not call My people to live in the fears and anxiety that beset the heathen. My people are called to be in the perfect peace that only I can provide as they keep their hearts stayed on Me.

Do not allow your eyes, hearts and minds to wander. Rather, keep intensely stayed upon Me as the One you are meant to serve with gladness each day. When you are purposed for My purpose, you will find that I give to you the multitude of mercies that I alone can provide. Be thankful unto Me, for I am the One who does purpose you to be rejoicing in the redemption you have received. Be anxious for nothing, neither be afraid, as My Spirit is ever present to lead and guide you.

As you are continually hearing and obeying the commands given to you through the Spirit, you will see how much better My way is. Those who are abiding in Me are enabled to rise above, they can mount up with wings as eagles, they can run and not be weary, as they walk on without fainting. This is because My strength is ever present and everlasting.

It is by My intention that My people are shining forth in a sin-sick generation. Endless multitudes are trapped, chained in the dungeons of sin, and unable to free themselves. Each day, they awake to wickedness and the drudgery of their sinful existence. Deceived and duped by the demonic forces of death, they drag through their days, for they are constantly locked in the delusional addictions that have captivated them. Misery and madness are their companions, as they have no peace.

In times of turbulence and torment, why do people go on in such ways that only take them away from the things of true value? It is because they have been deceived and deluded. They prefer the darkness of their lives over My light, because their deeds are evil. While there are some who will come to the end of their misery and madness and in their agonies cry out for salvation, the majority will end in hell. There they are locked forever in the chambers of hell. When they die, they simply leave their miserable lives on earth to enter into more miseries and agonies in hell.

Reality is that this earth is the proving ground for all humans. It is here that they choose for heaven or hell. Of course, the large percentage choosing hell are conceited enough to think they know what they are doing. They are motivated by the demonic mind rather than the mind of truth found through My Son Jesus. Repeatedly, the cycle is brought forth as new generations fall into the same old traps of the devil.

Redemption is intended for any and all who will look for a better way of existence than the sinful ways they are in. Such as these are ripe for salvation and receive My Son with gladness and rejoicing. Stop and consider how important it is that people are given the opportunity to be redeemed from the penalty of their sins. Without the salvation mercies given through Jesus Christ, the whole world would perish in their sins.

Do not think that you must participate with sinners who are going in the way of death. I do not call you to death; I call you to the eternal life that is found in Me. Therefore, be rejoicing each day to be redeemed and guided in the clear mind of My Spirit. The mind of My Spirit is not confused nor deluded. Those who remain under the Spirit mind are led forth in the clear light that I have for them to walk in.

Thank Me this day that you can continue steadfast and know the constancy of care that I have for you. As you partake of the tender mercies provided, consider those who know no mercy and are trapped in misery. Realize, as you consider their plight, that I desire them to be redeemed and brought into My family of love.

The enemy forces have done everything they could to destroy the nuclear family and leave children abandoned to the world. However, those forces cannot destroy My family of love, for the same is built upon the Rock. Because the love family foundation is solid, the winds of adversity as well as the waves of iniquity cannot destroy My family.

Therefore, be glad that you can partake of the mutual care and comfort that is extended to any and all who desire to live totally for Me. In absolute abandonment unto Me, the treasures are given freely. Do not be as the double minded, unstable and confused. Be firmly committed and dedicated to My family of love.