The Afterlife

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be ready to be offered. This means in essence that you are aware that you have to be ready at all times to meet Me. There are countless people who perish, because they are not in any condition to come to Me and be found acceptable.

This is because people are too busy with this present life to be concerned with the afterlife, until it is too late for them. Then, as they stand before Me, their sins and attitudes cry out against them, and they are found condemned before Me.

It is totally wrong for people whom I have created and given life unto to spend their lives living only for the here and now. Chasing as they are after vanity and vexation, they expend themselves for nothing. In the end, they are made aware of their own stupidity, but it is too late. I do not intend for you to wait too long, then wonder why things have gone astray in your lives and nothing seems to work.

When nothing seems to work, consider that you are working for the wrong things, and those things will take you to hell. It is folly to pursue the wind then end up desolate and damned because of choices against Me rather than for Me. You are not intended to choose against Me; you are intended to choose for Me as the One true God. You are meant to serve Me with gladness and rejoicing each and every day.

Be as the wise who consider the afterlife rather than this present life. Think about where you want to spend eternity, then choose according to wisdom rather than foolishness. I do not intend for any to end as fools, and the ones who do are stubborn and proud.

Men, women, and even children have the ability in their hearts to choose Me. Most, however, would rather give themselves over to the sinfulness of fools than give themselves to Me as the One True God they are called to serve.

There are among the perishing those who are hatefully stubborn against Me and are evidently enemies of My purposes and plans for their lives. The ones who oppose Me in such obvious hatred will strive in many instances to prove that I do not exist.

Yet, if I do not exist as they claim, why do they attempt to prove that I am not? They have been blinded by the god of this world, and by such blindness they attempt to lead others into the same ditch they are in. Needless to say, the hereafter which they are choosing is damnation of their souls.

Multitudes in these times are bound in the prison house of idolatry. They are following after dumb gods that can do nothing for them. They choose such a way because ultimately they think that they are in control. However, what they do not realize is that the idols they attribute glory and power unto are not alive.

Be aware that there are endless demons who will convince the foolish that such idolatry is excellent, yet the idolaters receive no response to their petitions and prayers. The idols do not respond to them because they cannot.

It is well established and written that I am the Almighty; I am God. There is none who is like Me, nor will there ever be such ones. But because of the drunkenness of pride, multitudes esteem themselves to be as gods. These have fallen for the invitation of the devil, who invited Eve into the same deception, and she transgressed against Me by partaking of the forbidden so that she could become as gods.

The truth is, she did not become as a god or a goddess. She became a foolish woman, who invited her husband into the same transgression. So, as the consequence, they were banished from My presence by their sinfulness. They were in direct disobedience, having been given firsthand instruction to withhold themselves from the forbidden tree.

So many throughout the ages have done exactly the same thing. They have purposed themselves to partake of the forbidden, then lost out through their choices against Me. This is why hell is continually having to enlarge herself to accommodate the rebellious who want their own ways and willfully choose for the same.

You are called for Me and the way that I have intended for you. In essence, I have chosen you long before you took on human form and I have ordained you for My purposes. Therefore, do not allow your own carnality to dictate your choices. Neither should you listen to the voices of the demons who are continually whispering and enticing the dumb to follow the advice of death and enter into the forbidden.

Be thankful this day that My Holy Spirit is ever present to direct and guide you in the way of eternal life, that you spend the hereafter with Me and the company of the redeemed. Do not take on the rebellious, resentful, hateful attitude of the multitudes in these times. To do so is to walk afar off and go in the way of transgressors.

Instead, make it your choice to spend your time now with Me and with fellow true believers. Do not think you can keep bad company and not pick up their habits. Realize that the righteous are few and far between, and when you see such ones, be glad to make friends with them.

Nevertheless, be aware that there are many hypocrites and pretenders who love to put on religious shows and proud displays, yet they are full of personal disobedience. Such as these seek to beguile others into the same delusions that they are in, thus ending in damnation in the afterlife.