Revelation Revolution

I speak forth this day to any and all who will hear and obey, and I say: Be giving thanks and more thanks unto Me. Be thankful that you are alive and that you are able to give Me praise.

When you really consider how short the lifespan is upon this earth, do not spend your days complaining. Realize that the enemy has the tactic of taking you down by getting you to complain. You are not meant to be a complainer nor a whiner; you are meant to be ever alert and alive, actively obeying Me.

As it is written, “Job arose and cursed his day.” Know that you can do the same thing if you let your carnality dictate your attitudes. I do not intend for those who desire Me to be full of negativity towards Me. I desire that My people would be constant in giving Me thanks and praise each and every day.

Therefore, in this negative, complaining generation, let it be known to you that by keeping in the attitude of gratitude you are guided away from many pitfalls. Do not forget that the enemy is constantly at work to bring ruination to people by tripping them up with their own tongues and by the same causing them to “curse their days.”

There are multitudes who expend themselves for nothing more than the next complaint, and they think in the same that they are justified. However, the very fact that they still have the breath in their bodies is a display of My mercies.

Be aware that the forces of evil are attempting to crush the hope of humanity, in the sense that they believe themselves able to defeat My purpose for people. The fact is that the forces of evil are looking only to kill, steal and destroy. The wicked know that to deceive is to manipulate men, women and children into the snares that are set for them.

In becoming more acutely aware of the warfare that is at hand, you are enabled to see there are dark forces that are hovering and waiting to attach themselves to any who opens the door to them. Be aware that the opening of the door to wickedness comes through your minds and your mouths.

When you allow perverse, unclean, negative, doubtful, accusing and depressing thoughts to nest in your minds, you literally establish a breeding ground for demons. Then, these spirits seek to take control of your tongues and motivate you to complain continually.

Do not be easily led into the enemy’s traps and be overwhelmed by the same. Rather, be intensely interested in the way that I intend for you to walk in and seek to pursue the same. Actively train yourselves to gird up the loins of your minds that you do not become a nesting place for demons. Then you are enabled to overcome. When the enemy forces attempt their attacks, you will be capable of resistance by giving thanks and praise to Me.

It is imperative that you are continuing in the way that I ordain for you by obeying the commands and directives given by My Spirit. Do not be reluctant to honor the Counselor that I have given to you that you be guided forth in the newness of life.

You are not intended to remain in the old attitudes which formerly governed your thoughts and your words. Rather, you are to be renewed by the washing of your minds by My words to you. Be thankful that you can hear, that you can see, that you can perceive, and that you can speak and give forth praise and thanks unto Me. Do not be lazy regarding your thanksgiving unto Me.

There are countless souls who ended in hell because they were spiritual sluggards. That is, they exerted no effort to keep the garden of their hearts, nor did they exert efforts towards My will for their lives. Those who have received the precious seed of My Son Jesus then neglect to nourish that seed of life given to them are accountable for such neglect. Because of their laziness, they allow the most precious treasure in their lives to die. In doing so, they did exactly what the enemies wanted them to do, which was to wither up and die spiritually.

Know that these ones did not accept their responsibility, nor were they willing to be accountable to nourish the seed of life. Therefore, they ended in hell because of their refusal and rebellion against Me. Being unperceptive, they died off spiritually and chose the carnal life, then perished by their choices to become My enemies. I do not honor such ones; they are relegated to the very hell they choose.

In the revelation revolution that comes when you cooperate with My Guide, you will see how much there is a war for souls every day. The more that I reveal to you through My Spirit’s instructions and dictates, the more that your eyes are opened to the realities that are. Likewise, in the revelation revolution you will be shown the ways of the wicked and the end of those fools who are led astray.

The power of giving Me praise and thanks will be all the more revealed to you as you are aware and walk in that awareness. You are enabled to be conquerors rather than being conquered, as you continue in the revelation revolution.

I have intended My people to grow and develop in their abilities and actions by keeping their focus centered upon Me and My purpose for them. Those respecting and responsible towards the new life will purpose themselves in the narrow way. They’ve entered into the revelation revolution as aggressive activists for the kingdom of life, light and love.