Enduring and Endeavoring

I speak forth this day and I repeat what I have told you again: that this is the time when My wrath, fury, and indignation are kindled against the peoples of this world. While many are rebelliously refusing to repent, they are bringing to themselves troubles never ending. I do not call you to such unnecessary sorrows; I call you to the joy that is found in Me.

Therefore, in this wicked generation, keep your vision single unto Me, for I am the One who is ever present in mercy and goodness. Realize of a surety that when people are in favor with Me, there is no good thing that I will withhold from them. I am well able to give them exactly what they need to be ever uplifted and kept in the way that is provided.

My way is the way that is life eternal, and those who are walking in the same are doing as I have intended and ordain. Do not choose the way of transgressors, for that way is hard and their end is bitter. When peoples are choosing to be losing by wanting sin above righteousness, they are proving themselves to be empty headed and dumb. You are not meant to be empty headed, dumb and dull; you are meant to walk uprightly.

Be glad that in these times of calamity, tyranny, uncertainty and depravity, I am the One who is ever present in goodness and mercy unto you. Do what is right before Me, for it is good to choose to win rather than to lose. When you look at the end of those who are doing that which is forbidden by Me, they gain nothing for all of their rebellion and refusal of righteousness. Of course, when the multitudes are in hell, there is no return for them, nor are they able to repent. They simply are locked into the torments and agonies of the damned.

If men, women, and children actually could see the tormenting agonies that beset the damned who are trapped in their transgressions with no escape, I ask, would they think about their choices? For the most part, people do not consider where they will spend eternity, nor do they consider that hell is forever, and once there, they can never escape.

It is My intention that those who are My true ones would take the time to warn others of what is ahead if they continue in sin and transgression against Me. Inasmuch as it is not popular to declare the truth with boldness, and many have been subject to ridicule for the same, do not alter what I have for you to declare. Rather continue to stand bold for the truth and the way that is My righteousness.

The reality is, you do not want to have the blood of the rebellious on your hands because you refused to be ridiculed for the truth. All of My true prophets and messengers have been and still are mocked for declaring the truth.

There are multitudes who want sin above anything, because they are under the spell of demonic powers and convinced that the same is their love. However, such as these are merely fools who are following after folly. Do not be quick to go with them in the way of death. Rather, be glad that through Me you are kept in the purpose that I have for you, and that the same is given to you in mercy.

Do not look upon the wicked and then believe that there is something to be gained in the way of the world. While the world will offer a multitude of enticements and seductions, only the dumb will be lured away from the truth and taken into the web of lies. Be glad even now that you are so privileged to be shown that I am the One who is able to enable you to be kept always. Thank Me that My mercies are extended to you repeatedly and that you can be ever thankful for the same.

I desire you to be aware of the fact that I have chosen you, and that is a great privilege that you are not to take lightly. To be called and chosen by Me is the highest calling anyone can receive. Those who neglect their callings to follow after folly are pursuing the course of death.

Not only that, but they are considered twice dead, inasmuch as they have tasted of the priceless treasures of My kingdom and cast aside the same. Instead of reverencing Me, they have behaved as pigs who are returning to wallow in the mire and muck of sin.

What pleasure do I have in the filthy, the perverse, the vile who are willfully choosing such a course? I find no pleasure in them, and believe Me, they are under My wrath. Such only grow harder as time progresses, and they become more spiteful against Me and My people.

So it is that they remain in such darkness, and by same they die. Every day, they become more and more mean, and in the end, they are extremely bitter. To end in the company of the damned is not a pleasant place to be, nor is there return from the same.

Realize that it is Me who gives to you all that you need. Therefore, do not follow the fools who are spouting their rhetoric of lies. Choose the truth, and live in the victory that I have intended for you to live in. Continue to warn those who will hear and repent, that they can be spared from hell. Although you will be hated, maliciously lied on, slandered and ridiculed, do not quit the commission.

Be enduring and endeavoring to please Me, and obey My intentions for your lives. Remember you are redeemed, and through that redemption, there is no good thing that I will keep from you. As you choose Me, you will live in the abundance of mercies found in Me.