Defilement, Debauchery, and Death

I speak unto you this day I say: Be aware that you are hated by the enemy and his forces. Because you are not of this world, the world will hate you and all that you stand for. This is to warn you, that you do not make an unholy allegiance with the world, only to be overwhelmed by the tactics of the wicked one.

As the true vessels of honor that I have called you to be, you will see time and again that just as they did with My Son Jesus, so will they do with you. That is, those who are of the earthly wicked kingdoms will hate you without a cause. They will speak evil against you as they are feasting on lies and spreading the same. You will undergo slander, persecution, prosecution and prison. Some of you will be put to death as martyrs for the cause of Christ.

However, be aware that in the midst of these perils, it is Me the Living God who is ever present to guide you forth by the plain path that I have ordained for you. Do not live in the fear that besets the heathen day by day, but rather live in the power of My presence, for the same will uplift you and give you the newness of life that comes of Me.

Know that you are not alone, for My Spirit is ever present to show unto you exactly who I am and how much I care for you. Therefore, do not live in the dread of what tomorrow may bring, for you are redeemed and given the newness of life that is eternal. The majority live only for the temporal life, and the same is quickly passing away, being spent in vanity and pride, vexation and demonstrations of darkness. In the end, such as these unrepentant and rebellious are cast into hell to know the agonies of the damned forever.

When you consider how short the lifespan of the average person really is in these times, do not live those limited years in vanities and pride, which are the ways of the world. So many are dull and dumb, and are easily led into the prison houses of sin, where they are kept in darkness. They are in pursuit of the defilement, debauchery, and death that is their cup. Over and over, they sin and grow more entrenched in the filthiness of the flesh. As they are doing those things forbidden by Me, they are going down farther and farther into the abyss from which they shall never escape.

Consider carefully how privileged you are to have been given a new lease on life. Make the most of your time on earth by giving yourselves completely unto Me, which means in essence that you follow the pattern of the Son, whereby He did not seek for His own way, nor His own life. He sought only to fulfill Me and My purpose for His journey on this earth.

The truth of it is that as you have been born again of incorruptible seed, you are the citizens of the higher kingdom. In such, you are to realize that you are only on a journey on this earth and that this place is not your home. Your home is found in Me and through My purpose for you, which means that you are meant to become My spirit people, as you will be learning to live, love, and light up those around you because you are living in the realms wherein you are led by My Spirit.

My Spirit people are meant to be increased in these times of intensity of evil, because they are the salt and the light in a dying and demonic world. As you are yielded to the Holy Spirit, so does He direct and instruct you in the way that is intended for you. Therefore, do not be so foolish as to seek for your own life, but rather be content to be in My life and know that in the same you are bearing fruit for Me.

Do not dwell continually on your own temporal needs and hammer Me with prayers for the same. Know of a surety that I am aware of what you need and I am well able to supply the same. Therefore, spend your prayers on those things that My Spirit would lead you into. Likewise, be thankful that as you do so, you are operating under the mind of the Spirit rather than your carnal mind.

Do not ever assume that I do not know what you have need of. Such is unbelief and doubt put in your minds by the enemy. You are not called to doubt; you are called to faith and trust in Me, for I do not leave you nor forsake you. Therefore, do the works that I ordain as the Holy Spirit gives you command. My Son Jesus established it when He stated that He only worked where I ordained.

There are many who are seeking only for those things that pass away, and their lives are as a vapor: here, and then gone. In the end, whether they be rich or whether they be poor, all that they have counts as nothing before Me. These are the very ones who will hate you as you journey through this life because you are not of their kingdom, nor are you under the demonic mind by which they operate.

This world is not meant to be your temporal home, only to end you in hell forever. Rather, you are meant to learn to live in the realms of My Spirit and be glad each day as you are in possession of the priceless treasures that I give to you. These treasures increase as you labor in the attitude of gratitude for Me and let Me direct you each day in My way.

Thank Me that you are not tied to this world and the senseless values of the same. When you stand before Me, your obedience will determine your destiny. Therefore, each day, serve in the attitude of gratitude as you obey and stay in My way.