Triumphant Truth

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Do not fear for the future. Inasmuch as the times are in transition, remember that you belong to Me. You are not the subjects of this present world, although they would love you to be such. You are My children, and I desire that you would trust yourselves to Me completely.

Cease from worry, and do not be anxious. Know that neither of those emotions will change what I have intended for you. Because I am your Heavenly Father, I have many blessings prepared for you. When times are tough and the waves of the sea of iniquity are sweeping over the land, do not be afraid. Remember you are anchored in Me, and I am the One who will keep you in My purpose, My ark of safety.

Do not be dreading tomorrow; be delighting yourselves in Me this day. It is not intended that you would spend each day in dread and doubt. It is intended that you would spend your days rejoicing in Me. I am the One who cares for you, and I am the One who will guide you forth by a plain path and direct your steps.

Consider how fortunate you really are, for you have Salvation through My Son, Jesus. Likewise, you have the indwelling presence of My Holy Spirit to keep you in the way that is intended for you as you obey the commands and directives of the Spirit. If you think about how impressive that really is, you are in the company of Jesus, the King of Kings, and the Holy Spirit, who is the supreme counselor and guide.

Think of the many blessings you receive daily. Do not dwell in the doubtful, the disturbing, the disruptive, which take many down the road of despair and damnation. Rejoice to be redeemed and uplifted in Me each day, because I give to you exactly what you need to be kept in My way, which is truth. If you are truly honest with yourself, you will see that you are blessed and that I am good to you.

Do not allow yourself the indulgence of fleshly complaining and whining about your circumstances or situations. Realize that there are countless people around you, as well as nationally and globally, who never have the blessedness I have given to you. You are privileged to be kept in the triumphant truth that is given to you. To be given the truth in a world of lies is a miracle and great mercy.

Even in these turbulent times you can be triumphant as you hold to the truth as your anchor. You do not have to be covered in lies and swept away by the same. There are endless multitudes who are daily dying and going to hell because they were covered in and believed the lies and cunning deceptions of the devil.

With these things in mind, remember that I am near to you, and I give you the mercies that you are intended to partake of always. It is offensive to Me when you spend your energies in complaining. As you are seeking your counsel of Me as the One who gives you My peace and joy, you should do so in the attitude of gratitude. When you approach Me with praise and thanksgiving, so are you then uplifted and directed in the pathway of peace. Even though the world around you is in upheaval, you can and will have My covering over you.

People spend outrageous amounts of money to have insurance, yet that does not keep them from sufferings and sorrows. Likewise, some amass tremendous stores of riches on this earth, only for others to take the same when they die. Then whose are such riches? Those riches do not buy them any place with Me, and their labors have been in vain.

Be glad this day that you do not labor in vain, for your labors are for Me and the furtherance of My kingdom. Such are meant to be done in the attitude of gratitude because you are grateful for the mercies you have and do receive. When you consider the empty and vain things that humans labor for in this life, then face damnation and hell in the end, you are most fortunate to be laboring for Me.

Today, make it your goal to cease complaining. Start giving thanks and praise, subduing your carnality and uplifting your spirituality. You are called to be My Spirit people, which means in essence that you live in the realms of My Spirit rather than the doldrums of carnality. Do not focus on the here and now; rather focus on eternity and the glories of the same.

As My people, you are My ambassadors on earth, which means in reality that you are the representatives of the higher kingdom which remains. Stop and consider the nations that have come and gone on this earth and are remembered no more. Yet I remain, and My kingdom is still in all power and glory. Be glad that you do not have to die and perish in sin, but you can live and be taken at death into My heavenly abode.

Do not worry about tomorrow, nor fear for the future, for your lives are hidden with Christ in Me. No matter if your duration is short or long on this earth, what matters is that you finish the course that is set before you. As you choose the triumphant truth as your daily companion rather than the chronic complainer, you will be filled with joy.

Do not yield to the “self-pitying sot” who lurks within your bosom. Be ever uplifted and renewed in the glorious realms that I have for you as you desire Me.