Rottenness or Repentance Revolution

I speak unto you this day as I remind you that you are meant to be in subjectivity to Me and to other believers who are walking uprightly. I do not call you to be independent of others and imagine that you are the only one. To do so is to say in essence that you can function without others, which is not My intention for My people.

Inasmuch as I have established My people as one body, that means that all parts of that body have functions before Me. One part is not superior to, nor above the other parts. Therefore, do not esteem yourself, when I direct you, as being superior, for you are not. There are many who have ended in hell because they esteemed themselves to be superior. Through that deception, they gave themselves to pride rather than humility.

Do not believe in yourselves; rather believe in Me, for I am the One you are meant to give the glory unto. This will keep you in subjectivity to Me as the One you are to be obedient unto. Sad to say, there are many whom I have desired to use, who took My glory to themselves, and in the same proved themselves to be not worthy.

Stop and consider that My Son did not take the glory to Himself; He gave the glory to Me in all things. Likewise, He was in subjectivity to the commands and directives that I sent to Him through My Holy Spirit. Be aware that you are living in times when the land is full of pride and contempt for My righteousness. Multitudes are boasting in themselves rather than looking unto Me as the source.

Actually, there are multitudes who are so intoxicated on themselves and the pride of their abilities and accomplishments, that they can think nor speak of nothing else. This is because their basic love is for themselves, and they want others to bow to the same.

Do not wander in the way of such wayward and careless fools whose love of self has headed them down the road to damnation. It is important that you understand your own need of Me and My directives unto you. This is because I have expectations for you, and those are to be what you fulfill.

Consider how many times over the past few years men and women have proudly proclaimed that they have stopped the plagues. Yet multitudes have died under the very plagues they claim to have stopped. For all of their advanced research and crafty sorcery, they have not been successful. Instead, many have taken advantage and grown rich off of their investments in the pharmaceutical industry. Others have lost everything due to regulations and restrictions put out in an effort to stay the plagues.

Thank Me that I am the One who keeps you in these days when I am revealing My wrath. In the revelation of My wrath, fury and indignation, be thankful that you receive My mercies day by day. To receive My mercies daily is a great privilege. Therefore, be glad that you are not under wrath but are covered by My mercy.

There are many in these times who are uncertain as to the future, and because they can no longer control their lives, they are full of fear. However, this is foolishness, brought on by listening to demons. Really, no man controls his life, for it is Me who gives life and takes it away. As you live one day at a time, then you will be glad for the mercies given to you in and through the same.

I do not intend you to be troubled about tomorrow, nor worry over what is ahead. I intend and desire you to be reliant on Me. Know that I am your Father in heaven, and I do care for you more than you know. When you are looking unto Me and trusting Me, you are not made ashamed.

I desire for you to be ever actively pursuing the course that I have set before you, as you are meant to be aggressive for My kingdom. There are plenty who are aggressively active for their own achievements; however, these same ones are placid with respect to My kingdom.

This is because their hearts have become defiled by the world’s false promises and glories. When this happens, they harden themselves against Me and the standard that I desire for them. Little do they realize that they have been ensnared and entrapped by the devil’s devices.

Do not look to the world for your contentment. To do so is to be taken far from My way and trapped in the darkness of demonic deception. Keep alert and alive, ever ready to obey the commands of My Spirit. Likewise, if you are mistaken or misled, do not be too proud to repent. Remember that pride is a deadly force, and if you see that you have been under the auspices of the same, cast it off and out of yourselves.

You are not meant to be carrying the devil’s baggage, for the same is garbage and is rotted, and very foul. When you smell rottenness with your nose, of course you find the same to be repulsive. So it is with My Spirit. When the rottenness of pride is detected upon a person or people, the smell is repulsive. My people are not meant to be repulsive; they are meant to be repentant and respectful of Me as their Maker, their God.

Be glad this day that it is Me that you can serve and obey with rejoicing. As you are quick to repent of any rottenness, so are you cleansed by the blood washing of My Son, Jesus Christ. The obedience of My Son Jesus opened the way for all to enter into repentance revolution!