Beware Jealousy’s Jail

I speak unto you this day and I say: Beware of fleshly jealousy, for the same is cruel, greedy and destroying. When you see the ones who are jealous for power that I do not intend for them, what you are seeing is a manifestation of the lust of the flesh. I do not intend for My people to be giving themselves to the spirits of jealousy, envy, division and strife.

I have intended that My people would represent My kingdom upon this earth. They are not to be as the world’s people, who are caught up in all manner of sinful activities and attitudes. Therefore, be aware that jealousy under the covering of carnality is a dangerous device used of the devil to thwart My will and My intention for My people.

As My true ones, be on guard against carnal jealousy, for it is deadly to My purposes in your lives and the lives of others. Be thankful even now that you do not have to be subject to jealousy and be overwhelmed in the same. Rather, you can be uplifted in the powerful presence that I provide and strengthened each day.

Thank Me for the purposes that I have for you in your lives, for they are indeed high and holy. Be glad for the covering that I give unto you day by day, and that you are instructed in the way of righteousness as you follow My Holy Spirit’s commands unto you.

Consider the cruelty of Saul against David. This is because David was anointed by Me, and Saul was ruler only according to carnality. David was a man who loved Me and served Me in humility. Saul was punishment upon My people because they lusted for a king according to the world. That is, they wanted to be like the heathen round about them, so I gave them Saul, who was a cruel and oppressive king.

When Saul saw that I had put My anointing on David, he hated him and wanted him dead, just as the Pharisees and scribes in the days of old wanted My Son Jesus dead because they saw the anointing on Him. Jesus was despised because He came carrying the mantle of truth. The religious rulers of that time hated the truth because they were liars and hypocrites. While they put on a religious show, they did not live the dictates they demanded of the people.

Saul was like them, in the sense that he was a fleshly leader, dictating and demanding, and not following his own decrees. Therefore, when he saw the anointing of truth upon David, he, through jealousy, wanted David dead. So it is that carnal jealousy is cruel as the grave and will bring multitudes into destruction and devastation.

Thank Me this day that when you are given discernment by the Holy Spirit to see such demonic spirits at work, you do not have to be deceived by them, nor be intimidated by them, for they are rottenness and cruelty. As has been declared and it is true, such jealousy is cruel as the grave. There is no life to be found in carnal jealousy, and many have committed deadly crimes and sins under the heat of hatred that is the root of such jealousy.

Be glad that it is Me who desires that you keep your hearts stayed upon Me. As you are looking unto Me, you will desire the kingdom wherein I abide. However, if you look upon the way of sinners and are envious of them, you are delving into the realms of demonic rule, where jealousy rules as a cruel master. You are not intended to be ruled by such a master, for the same is deadly and destructive.

Be thankful even now that I give to you the way that is life eternal and that you are privileged to walk in that way. If you could see the caverns of hell where the wicked are bound in everlasting chains, you would know of a surety that the way of carnality is death and damnation. The way that I give is only to be found through repentance unto Jesus and guidance through the Holy Spirit. People who choose to have things their way and believe they are always right are full of rebellion.

Do not keep company with the rebellious who are sure of their own righteousness, for they will cause you to become contaminated. Thank Me that as you listen to the voice of My Spirit, you are being directed in the way that is all truth. When you see the ones who are lying in order to prove that they are right, know that they are wrong.

My people are not intended to be lying to those who are in the family of the redeemed in order to prove that they are right. Those who are My people are meant to be subject to My Spirit’s directives and to others who are true to Me. None is an island, all alone and invincible. All are vulnerable. Therefore, be sure that you are walking according to the Spirit and not the flesh.

Know that the demonic powers of jealousy, envy, division and strife will keep you bound in the prison house of carnality. In such, you will not be able to extract yourselves, because you are found bound. Thank Me this day that I have called you to be partakers of the infinite mercies that I provide.

There are endless wars among humans, wherein there is found much violence and death, that are started through jealousy. Be aware that I am jealous after My people inasmuch as I do not want them devoured and destroyed.

I do not give approval to carnal jealousy, for the same brings destruction, death and damnation. Thank Me that you are not ruled by cruel masters who desire you dead because of the anointing I have put upon you.