Everyday Choices

I speak unto you this day and I give warning to all who will hear and obey Me. Do not seek out the company of the wicked, lest you partake of their wickedness and become as they are. It is not My intention that you would become tainted and defiled by keeping company with those who are stubbornly and proudly wicked.

In these times of darkness on every hand, multitudes are running the course of death for the evil of their doings. Strange as it may seem, they are literally in a race to their own damnation. Living life in the fast lane, they assume that there will be no tomorrow as they wax bolder and bolder in their sinfulness and rebellion against Me.

I do not intend for men, women and children to behave in such ways, and yet they do, because they have been blinded by the god of this world, the devil. He has them in the clutches of demonic powers that rule them. They act out the evil demanded of them by the demons that have them captive.

Stop and consider the ugliness that comes upon humanity because of sin. Realize that I do not call any to such a way, for it leads only to hell forever. So it is, that people choose through carelessness to have no respect nor regard for their own soul’s destination.

Rather than face the reality of the hereafter, they prefer to indulge themselves in the foolishness and frivolity of sinfulness more and more each day. It is as though they can never have enough, because the mouth of sin is a deep cavern that cannot be filled.

Be thankful this day that you do not have to be in captivity, nor do you have to act out demonic commands. Rather, you can find the joy and the peace that I provide, for the same is greatly abundant unto you as you walk in the way that I intend and provide. When I created humankind, I did so in order for them to be in My presence and to enjoy the mercies that I give.

However, when Adam and Eve listened to the liar and his lies and forsook the truth, they became sin slaves. This is because they were lending their ears to the wrong source and their hearts were hardened against the truth. As you will recall, they were easily corrupted by giving themselves to the company of the serpent. This is the depiction of how quickly men and women can fall from their first estate in Me if they keep company with wickedness.

When you consider the many examples that I have given in My written Word, you will see how important everyday choices really are. Each day, people choose for life or for death. The majority choose for death through the sins they commit and keep on committing. Because of the lack of consideration on their parts of the consequences of their choices, they succumb to greater and greater degrees of sinfulness.

It is evident by the wickedness that so many are indulging themselves in, that few really consider the vibrations they send forth to others and to their own generations. Sin is a giant cancer that keeps corrupting and destroying wherever it spreads. The more “advanced” nations have become, the deeper they have dived into the cesspool of sin. The result is that whole generations are cursed and nations collapse, because the cancer of sin has eaten away any integrity they once had.

As wisdom has declared it, do not keep company with evildoers and expect to remain upright. Seek out the company of the redeemed and desire to be with them each day. When the ones who love Me will strive to be in oneness of Spirit, they will not be full of jealousy and undermining envy. Instead, they will encourage and admonish one another in the way of My righteousness and help one another in love.

In a sin-sick world, My people are meant to be a reflection of the higher way that I provide. As the children of the light, they show forth that light in the darkness that has engulfed the world. By keeping themselves in Me, My people are showing that My way is the highway of holiness.

Those who journey with Me are the manifestation of My kingdom here on earth. Of course, the devil hates for My people to be in oneness of Spirit, because by doing so, they are proving that there is a better way than slavery to sinfulness and evil.

Be glad that you can be a part of those who are walking in love rather than the hate that fills the hearts of humankind. Make it your practice to be forgiving others as you have been forgiven likewise by Me. When you do not forgive, then you stop My forgiveness unto yourselves. I do not want you to have bitterness or bad feelings about those who are your brothers and sisters in Me. I desire you to be full of love and mercy towards each other.

Thank Me that you can walk each day in the higher way and be rejoicing that you are redeemed. I never intended for you to be sad. Rather, you are intended to be glad that it is Me that you can serve with joy each day. Set your vision on the eternal values and do not fall down to the pettiness of carnality and be devoured by the demonic forces that rule the same.

Know that I am the One who has ordained you for the way of eternal life, and I am the One who directs you in the same. Let the attitude of humility rule you rather than the demonic spirits of pride and contempt for Me. You are meant to be thankful each day for the good things that you receive of Me and through Me and that you are saved!