Enemy Voices = Destruction

I speak unto you this day, My people, and I command you to be uplifted in the joy of My presence. When you are giving Me the thanks and praise, the enemy does not rule over you, for I am ever present through My Holy Spirit. By and through My Spirit, you are uplifted and given the joy that I alone can bring into your lives again and again.

When you hear the word “rejoice,” that is exactly what you are meant to do—be in joy repeatedly. You are not meant to be discouraged nor in despair because of the times. Nor are you to be intimidated by the tactical threats and strategies of enemy forces sent to rob you of your joy through fear. I do not intend for you as My people to be ruled by fear, but rather kept in the faith that you can have in Me.

As the warfare continues, do not grow weary in the process of the same. Rather know and understand that the weariness that comes upon you is the result of listening to the enemy voices. You are not called to listen to the enemies that want you devoured and destroyed; you are called and chosen by Me for My purposes.

It is true that there are many hard, violent, ugly and painful things that are happening in these times. Yet, if you remain clear in your focus, that is, upon Me, those things will not be in control. Know of a surety that there are forces that want all to be in fear of their corrupt assumptions as they assume themselves to be masters and rulers.

These vile men and women cannot even master or rule over their own wickedness and evil lusts. Yet, because they are bound in the throes of pride, they remain as the blind leading the blind. Because of inept leadership, many nations have fallen prey to the damning and devouring power of pride, and in the clutches of such, lost out with Me.

Do not be as the stupid who are perpetually boasting of themselves and in themselves. These are imagining that somehow they are superior to any and all that resist them and their imagined power. There are those who because of such pride have led entire nations into ruination, devastation and damnation.

I do not intend for you to be caught up in the throes of such insane ones; I intend for you to be uplifted through My Holy Spirit. The life which is in the future for all is decided here on earth as men, women and children make choices for eternity. Those who choose for Me will be with Me. Those who choose for the dark forces will be damned and locked in the agonies of the damned forever.

Do not give way to such corruption as some have. They have imagined that I’ve given them approval in such behaviors. I have not! Thank Me that through the Holy Spirit’s guidance you can be kept from the wickedness that is abundant in these times. Consider that I am well able to give to you all that you need, and uplift you in the power that is found in Me.

Do not be conformed to the world, for those who are loving the world are literally despising Me. For no man is able to love two masters and serve them both with justice. Those who have made the world as their first love have departed from Me, for they are trusting the arm of flesh above Me. There are curses that come to those who are looking to the arm of the flesh and trusting the same to be their refuge.

Whenever any trusts in carnality, whether that be their own or that of another, they are trusting in the sentence of death. You are not called to death; you are called to the eternal life that I have prepared for you and to walk in that higher way, giving Me thanks and praise each day.

When you really meditate on the things that I the Living God have done for you and continue to do for you, what do you see? You will see that there is power in praising Me, for in the same, you invoke the power of My presence. Remember that I am stronger and mightier than all the powers of this earth and that I remain supreme.

Be thankful that you can serve Me with gladness each day and be brought forth uplifted and rejoicing in Me. Do not walk in the world, nor follow any other god, for the same are condemnation and damnation awaiting. There are many ways that men and women have sought for their own ways; however, those ways are darkness and iniquity.

Be glad even this day that you can be guided forth in the way that I have for you. Thank Me repeatedly that you are not damned, nor are you in hell already. There are endless souls who thought they could serve two masters, only to end up damned by the deceit they believed.

Liars have their place in hell, and those who choose to believe the liar rather than Me will be devoured by the lies they choose. Be glad even now that I am your resource, your refuge, and your mercy. The world is not the place for you, nor the ones you love, for the world eats up My people in the greediness of hungry and devouring lions.

I do not intend for you to be eaten alive; I intend for you to continue in the blessedness that I am able to give day by day. Know of a surety this day that you are blessed by Me and guided in the life eternal. Whatever the bad news is today, do not take in the fear of the future. Rejoice in the power of the presence of who I am!