Impending Damnation

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be ever thankful unto Me that you have the light upon your path. There are endless multitudes who live in absolute darkness, and do not want the way that I provide. Not being able to see clearly, they are forever stumbling and falling as they move along. There are some who trip and end in ditches, sinking in the mire of the same.

When you have been given the light, do not neglect to walk in the light, for you are called to be children of the light. As you are walking in that light, others are drawn to the same. The times you are in are full of gross darkness. Men, women and children are literally feasting off of the table of wickedness. They are eating daily of the deceits put forth by the devil and his demons, all the while not fully realizing they are damning themselves in the same.

Because the ones who were meant to proclaim Me have neglected to declare the reality of impending damnation, endless multitudes are dying and going to hell. These ones were slothful, and because of their own laziness, they took themselves in the course of their own destruction. So many who are now bound in the chains of everlasting darkness are begging for release, but it is too late!

This is why it is so important that as My people, you tell the whole truth, warning people to repent and walk uprightly while they have time to do so. People are not given many lives in which to be transformed. It is here on earth that choices are made for eternity. The choices were made clear by My Son, and the same remain even now, as He declared essentially, that people were either for Him or against Him.

Realize that while others pursue those things that I do not intend, they are running after deceit. They are preferring darkness rather than the light because their deeds are evil, and they are desiring to continue in the same. I do not call you to such a way, for the same is insane. You are not intended to join the vast army of sin-driven insane. I have called you to walk soberly, laboring for My kingdom rather than the kingdom of darkness.

Do not get eyes full of adultery and turn to the ways of the world as many have done and are doing in these times. With all of the so-called advancements in technology that have transpired in these times, multitudes are setting their eyes on evil, all throughout the day as well as the night.

Even children are allowed to take in things they are not mature enough to differentiate in their minds. They consequently end up accepting evil as the norm and acting out the same. This is because of being allowed to partake of those things that influence them in evil rather than good.

Every day, new atrocities are being committed, often involving mass shootings, and violence to unheard-of degrees is being committed by youth of “respectable families.” All of these things were learned by and through the technological devices that are given freely to children by their parents. They are allowed to feast with their eyes on evils and perversions continuously.

In these times of wickedness abounding and the sin-driven insane multiplying at unheard of rates, do not be shocked at what you hear of and witness with your own eyes. More and more people are becoming totally intolerant of others and are convinced that such need to be destroyed. Because so many youth have had everything given to them, they think they must have what they want, when they want it, or else they take revenge.

Human life has very little value and is considered to be easily done away with. Of course, the advocacy of abortion for so many years has laid the foundation for such an attitude against life. Consider how many unborn have met with the cruelty of death, without a trial or an attorney to represent them. Their untimely deaths came about for the crime of being conceived. However, they were murdered in their innocence, for they did not conceive themselves; their parents conceived them!

In nations where such bloodshed has gone on and on, do not I the Living God hear the cries of those who are being executed for no crimes of their own? Yes, I do, and I bring forth My wrath, fury and indignation upon such evildoers. Then nations that once knew Me are left in ruins because of their opposition to My light. Sadly, it is absolutely true that when people love darkness and despise the light, they are choosing their own damnation.

However, the tragedy is that they affect others in their choices, and often cause great harm and even death to innocent people. Such as these damned fools are responsible for bringing down My wrath upon nations. I do not close My ears to the cries of those who have been put to death in their innocence. Because I am just, I bring forth My vengeance in My timing, and when I do, none can stop the same.

When you hear of greater and greater calamities and natural disasters, as well as financial crashes, do not be surprised. Know that it is Me the Living God who is shaking up men, women and children to get them to repent. Inasmuch as they are stubbornly determined to continue in sin, they despise repentance and love rebellion.

So, as they rebel like hell, they end in their own choices for damnation, and hell forever becomes their destiny. Why does it have to end in such a way? It is because people love to do evil and hate to do good. They chose damnation and despise salvation!