The Real Thing

I speak unto you this day and I say: I desire and I demand that you be doers of My Word and not hearers only. Those who hear and do not obey are not worthy, because they are loving themselves more than Me. Be aware that such are not counted as true disciples, nor are they acceptable unto Me, for they are not walking in the pattern laid down by My Son, Jesus the Christ.

When I sent My Son Jesus to the earth as My messenger, He came in humility, and He remained in humility subjectivity unto Me as His Master and Lord. Jesus did not seek to build His kingdom; He sought to build My kingdom. In the same, He showed and demonstrated the higher kingdom wherein I make My abode and desire that My true ones would come into.

I do not find any pleasure in those who have only the vision of the here and now and think only of themselves rather than Me. Realize that there are multitudes who have chosen themselves above Me, and they receive their rewards here on earth. Such as these may prosper in this earthly life in whatever their self-centered endeavors may be. However, their achievements literally become their condemnation, for those are the things that they have chosen above Me.

Be thankful even this day that it is Me that you can serve with gladness, for I am the One who gives to you the way that is eternal and everlasting. Do not choose for the here and now; choose for that which is eternal and everlasting for in the same you have life, love and light.

Know of a surety that My people are not intended to be kept in the captivity and the slavery of carnality. Rather, they are called to be My love slaves and to be kept in the power and glory of the eternal kingdom. Therefore, in this wicked and perverse generation, be aware that I the Living God am calling those who are meant to serve Me as I intend that they would.

I am not detoured in My desire for souls to be harvested for My kingdom. Rather, I am all the more determined that the ones who are called for My kingdom would be harvested for My intentions. Be thankful that you can labor for Me and see the fruit of the same in this life and in the life to come. The only kingdom worth living for and dying for is My kingdom.

Consider that My Son Jesus left the pattern of love that you are meant to aspire unto. He loved each one of those who became His disciples. He loved Paul when he was Saul and was the actual enemy of His followers. It was Jesus who smote Saul and called him to repentance. He too became not only a disciple, but an apostle. Paul was the one who would follow the Lamb into any danger and peril, because he knew that it was only by the forgiving love that he had received mercy.

Realize that Jesus loved His enemies and taught the same, because without forgiveness as the motivating factor, all men are slaves to sin. I sent Jesus unto lost and chained humanity to set the captives free.

However, when the captives are freed, they are called to return to Me and serve Me with gladness. As with the lepers who were cleansed, only one returned to Me to give Me thanks and serve Me as he was meant to do. Therefore, know of a certainty this day that you are called to serve Me, for I alone am the Creator of all life. I am the One who has given you My Son and the forgiveness you’ve received through Him.

Therefore, be glad each and every day that you are forgiven and can likewise forgive others. Do not be drinking of the cup of bitterness, for the same is death and damnation. I do not intend for you to be holding bitterness in your hearts and to be proud of the same. I call you to know and understand that it is Me who is indeed well able, and I do not withhold any good thing from the ones who walk uprightly in Me day by day.

There are multitudes who are perishing in darkness every day because of their choices for darkness. You are not intended to be neglecting the witness unto them, for without the light, all men and women are damned. Therefore, continue steadfast in living the life that I have intended for you to live, being doers of My Word, nor hearers only.

Those who are hearers only are the hypocrites who are hated by the sinners, for they are pretenders. While they hear the truth, they do not live the life that depicts the same. Their false example is immediately detected by those who are looking for the real thing.

This day, do not be counted among the “hypocrites who hear.” Rather be the “disciples who do”! Thank Me that you have been given the opportunity to be living witnesses of the higher kingdom. Be rejoicing that you are counted worthy to declare My Son Jesus to the lost and dying multitudes who are bound. As aggressive activists for the Divine Deliverer, be attentive unto My Spirit commands, both unto you and to the ones who are hell-bound.

Remember, Saul was determined in his opposition to My Son, yet he was smitten and struck with blindness, and through the same was converted. Do not underestimate what I am able to do. I am able to afflict, and I am able to heal.

When you see any headed in the wrong way, know that I am bigger than any demon force. Cry out to Me, and see that I AM who I have declared that I AM. Do not fear the pride or prejudice of humankind. Keep your trust ever in Me, for there is nothing impossible for Me!