Godly Wisdom Is Priceless

I speak unto you this day and I declare to you: Walk by godly wisdom, for the same is given by Me that My people are kept in the power of truth. When the leaders of those who believe in Me ask for My wisdom, they are given the same. The wisdom of the world is actually foolishness before Me, and when the world’s wise men take their counsel, it can only lead to death and damnation of soul.

Realize this day that to receive godly wisdom is a great privilege, and yes, you are so blessed to be able to receive the same. Consider how much people of the world do research as they waste endless funding and hours on the pursuit of emptiness. Then, be thankful for the wisdom you receive, and do not cease asking for the same.

It has never been My intention that people would be governed by the absolute foolishness which is evident in the world at this time. Rather, it has been My intention that My people would be ruled by wisdom and kept in the safety of the same.

Whenever you are in need, do not hesitate to ask for the godly wisdom which is available to those who are desirous of walking in the same. Be glad even now that I am the One who gives to you exactly what you have need of in every circumstance and situation.

If you look at the nations that have departed from godly wisdom to follow after the vanity and lies of the heathen, what do you see? You will see nations crumbling before your eyes because they have chosen to turn from the wisdom from on high. This happens over and over. Then, such nations as were once great end in heaps of ruination and degradation because of their choices against Me.

I have never intended for you to go in such ways. Rather, I have intended for you to choose to be guided by My Spirit in the way of wisdom. Therefore, be careful to seek for wisdom in all matters that will affect your lives and the lives of others. When you are given wisdom, do not grow proud and arrogant in the same. Rather realize that such wisdom is a gift, and you are not to take glory or credit yourselves for the same.

When My people walk in humility before Me, then are they enabled to perceive the way that is set before them. In such, they are kept when others are depleted and destroyed. It is truly a good thing to know the wisdom that you can receive and to be appreciative of that wisdom, for it is My gift to all who ask of Me.

Those who are proud and arrogant will not walk according to wisdom, for their assumption will be that they know more than they know. However, they do not know more; they are drunk on pride and deluded by the same. Did not My Son give warning that His disciples should beware of the leaven of pride?

This was indeed godly wisdom imparted to them by Him to make them aware of how important it was that they stay in humility of mind and heart. That same wisdom is applicable even now. When those who are His disciples are being brought up, they are to recognize the difference between pride and humility.

Pride is a killer, and peoples, tribes and nations have been utterly destroyed because of yielding to pride. Therefore, do not accept the persuasive, seductive insinuations of pride which will come to you to entice you into the snare. Be alert and seek My wisdom on every hand, for when you do, then you will see that wisdom is a great and priceless treasure. It is far more important than what men of the world consider riches.

Even the world can be ruled by My wisdom if those who are in positions of power will ask Me for the same. It gives Me pleasure when leaders will seek for godly wisdom and obey the same, for then are people kept rather than destroyed and damned. Sad to say, endless multitudes have perished in ignorance because none sought for godly wisdom.

The reality of the times you are in is this: I give Wisdom to any and all who will ask. I do not intentionally withhold the instruction and understanding from the sons of men. However, those who seek for godly wisdom then have contempt for the same are actually foolish children. These ones will come under My wrath. Because they have allowed pride to overrule the guidance of wisdom, they end in the ditch of destruction and damnation.

Each day, seek for godly wisdom and receive the counsel of life. As you are given My insight, so are you enabled to be kept in the powerful presence of who I am. There are endless multitudes who believe that they can do as they please, when they please, and somehow, they are all right with Me. Such is not true, for they are walking on thin ice, and the same could break and end them in the icy waters of iniquity.

Do not risk death by wrong choices and find in the same that you are devastated. Rather, choose for life day by day in following the godly wisdom that will be given unto you. Consider that when you have the indwelling Holy Spirit, there is infinite wisdom in the guidance of the Spirit. Therefore, do not resist nor resent the way that My Spirit guides you.

Thank Me even now that you are being uplifted, directed, and given hope in these times of hopelessness and despair on every hand. It is absolute stupidity to walk in your own understanding and be murdered by pride. Thank Me that godly wisdom is available to you each day when you ask.