Army of Homeless Growing

I speak unto you this day and I say: Let your expectations be in Me, for when you are looking unto Me, you will not be left in the position of shame, for I the Living God will vindicate you. Therefore, be glad even this day that you can be uplifted and rejoicing in Me, for I am the author and the finisher of your faith. Do not let the discouragement of the times overwhelm you and take you down into the place of bondage, for the same will do nothing except put you in depression and despair.

Know of a surety that you are not meant to live your lives in depression and despair; you are meant to come forth rejoicing each day, for you are indeed privileged to be redeemed and brought forth in the power of My presence. You must practice exercising yourselves against despair, for more and more people are living there, as the same is taking them down. I do not call you to go down; I call you to be uplifted and ever rejoicing for the powerful presence of who I am.

Be made glad that I am the God of mercy and that I give My mercies unto you. Do not look at the situations or circumstances and give up; rather look to Me and give yourselves over unto Me. I am indeed the One True God, and I will never leave you, nor forsake you, nor lead you to perish in sin. Rather, I will be ever present with you at all times, and I will guide you forth by a plain path that is indeed My eternal way.

When you truly consider that men and women are dying daily of fear, do not be afraid as the mediums of death would desire you to be. Be uplifted in the strength, the power and the glory of who I am, for it is Me the Living God who does bear rule over you, and I lead you by My Holy Spirit’s indwelling guidance.

There are growing numbers in the great army of homeless and hopeless who are taking over cities, crushing tourist trade, and making greater and greater demands on those who are sympathetic towards them. Such as these are the representation of a nation gone mad, in the sense that those who are doing nothing are given more than those who are attempting to provide for themselves.

What has brought about such a distortion and useless concept? It is because the governments are attempting to “play God,” and as you can well observe, they are showing how really dumb they are. They are rewarding those who are doing nothing except demanding more, and taking from the ones who are already giving their all.

I do not find pleasure in such ones as these, for they are proving by their conduct that their hearts are far from Me, inasmuch as they are believing that the entire world owes them, and they intend to get all they can! I do not call you to partake of their madness, for the same is dark and leads to death and damnation. Rather keep your first estate, which is to please Me and choose the way that I provide for you, which is the way of hope.

There is no reason to be crushed by the powers that are in place in these times. Remember that you are My people when you adhere unto Me and walk in the standard that I require and desire of you. Therefore be uplifted, rejoicing that it is Me that you can look to rather than the times you are in.

There are multitudes who are mediums of death, and they are daily spewing forth their predictions and declaring one thing after another, often opposing views. Such as these take pleasure in the control that they exercise over the masses who eat up their death pottage as though it were delicious and very needful for them to partake of.

I do not by any means call you to be partaking of such nonsensical prattle; I call you to be partaking of My truth, which is given to you to set you free. When you are partaking of the truth, the same will break the chains of the fears that beset humanity. You are not called to be as the heathen, forever trying to pacify gods that do not exist.

Because the heathen serve a multitude of false gods, they are bowing unto fear and lies continually, and trying to pacify the gods they serve. What is so foolish about it all is that they have by their own hands, or elsewise by the hands of their ancestors, created the very gods they fear and dread.

I do not intend you to live in such fear and dread as they are in, for you are not meant to join the company of the dull and dumb. Rather rejoice that it is Me that you serve and that you can be uplifted every day and know the power of My presence, for the same I give to you.

Thank Me even this day that you are guided forth by a plain path. As you are shown the truth, then are you freed from the fears that are besetting the heathen. Realize that your lives are hid with Me and through Me, for I am the One who bears rule over you. As you remain walking in the footsteps of My Son Jesus Christ, then are you in the pathway that I intend.

I have called you to become My sons and daughters and to be among the many brethren that He, Jesus, is to have. You are intended to be actively seeking for My kingdom, and not the kingdoms of this world. Remember, there is an afterlife, and you are meant to come forth in the same, ever made glad that I give to you all that you have need of.

There is no reason to be fretful, nor fearful. There is every reason to be thankful that I am the One who guides you forth and directs your steps day by day. Do not weary in well doing, knowing that your rewards are in heavenly dimensions and are awaiting you.