Darkness Fellowship Forbidden

I speak unto you this day and I declare to you that it is Me the Living God who reigns supreme. Therefore, do not take on darkness as your cloak, your covering, for the same is deadly. In the times you are in, many have taken to experimentation with the things of darkness. In the same, they are foolish, for to take on darkness is to take on death and damnation of soul.

I do not intend that My people would be in fellowship with the powers of darkness. Yet, so many of those who have made the claim that they are believers in My Son Jesus, have done just that. There is no fellowship with the powers of the evil one, for the same are degrading and destroying to any and all who partake of them.

When those who are using the name Christian turn to the workers of iniquity to give them their predictions, they are in the same inviting their own destruction. I desire and demand that My people would keep themselves separated from the powers of iniquity. Such powers will take them down the road of destitution and despair. It is absolute foolishness to be intermingled with that which will cause a person or persons to lose their souls.

It is indeed a precious thing to be born again of incorruptible seed. Likewise, to have the seed of Christ within is great responsibility, for those who have received Him as Savior are meant to likewise know Him as Lord. This means essentially that they are respecting the way that He has prepared for them. As they are being led by the Holy Spirit each day, they are meant to walk in a plain path and keep themselves in the way that is life, not veering off unto death.

However, many are not respecting nor honoring My Son the way that they are meant to. They take too casually the sacrifice of His life laid down for them, and in such they are distanced from Me. I do not find pleasure in those who are disrespectful and dishonoring My Son by their behaviors and attitudes.

Be thankful and serve with gladness if you have been given the privilege to have the seed of the Savior in your lives. Do not be as the foolish who believe that they can be of Me, then turn to darkness and be all right with Me. I am jealous after My people, and I do not want them to be in spiritual adultery and in the same walk afar off from Me. I desire them to walk uprightly each day and honor Me by the way that they live.

As My people, seek to remain sober in a drunken world. You are not meant to take on the intoxication of pride that is everywhere. You are called and chosen to remain as a sober-minded people whose desire is to please Me and to walk uprightly in My way.

Therefore, count it a joy to serve Me as you honor My Son Jesus, and pay heed to the Holy Spirit guidance given unto you. The truth is a great treasure in a world of lies. By the guidance of My Spirit, you are being led into ALL TRUTH. A very important aspect of TRUTH is to respect and honor Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Because of the advent of “comfort,” many have chosen to put such above Me and the way of truth they are meant to walk in. Rather than facing the reality that the truth liberates them from the bondage of carnality, they have preferred to accommodate their own carnality. In such choices, they are looking for that which makes them comfortable rather than that which is the truth.

Do not undermine the truth but realize that it is the truth that will set you free from the bondage and prison house of your old carnal nature. It is a sad state of affairs when I look at the Christians who are seeking to make their flesh comfortable while grieving My Spirit.

Be glad when the truth comes as a sword in your lives, for truly, the liberation that follows will be most exhilarating unto your spiritual lives. Do not be living for that which is comfortable and careless; be living in all soberness and subjectivity to the mind of My Spirit. The mind of My Spirit will enable you to discern between good and evil, and thereby be uplifted.

As My true people, you are not to intermingle with the forces of darkness that rule the heathen. Rather, you are to be in fellowship with those who are wanting to be true to Me and keep their first estate. There is great condemnation that comes from spiritual adultery. Those who choose to transgress in such a way experience death in the spiritual dimensions because of their sins.

As is written and recorded in My Word, the wages of sin are death. Sin will always bring about destruction, death, and damnation of soul. Do not have fellowship nor friendship with those who are determined to cause their own destruction. Keep in the company of the redeemed, and know that I will honor those who honor Me. When you are praying according to My desires, you are praying in accordance with that which will cause you to live in the abundance that I have for the ones who are true.

Each day, set your conversation aright and give Me thanks and praise continually that I am the One who is eternal life. Do not yield to the murmuring and complaining of your old nature. Be yielded unto the attitude of gratitude. If you truly consider that you are redeemed, there is nothing to complain about, for you have been spared from eternity in hell.