Overindulgence Brings Death

I speak unto you this day and I say: Keep fit for Me, that is, do not yield yourselves to fleshly lusts and by the same succumb to sin. I have not intended that My people would be overindulgent in the lust of their flesh. Rather, it is My desire that My people would keep fit for the higher kingdom, wherein I abide. When it is Me that you are seeking to please, you will not be found doing those things that are intentional sins.

In these times, many have abandoned themselves to whatever their particular lust or lusts may be, and in the same they are being consumed. Even those who claim they are Mine have given themselves to indulgences that lead them into sloppiness in their walk with Me. Do not be overly indulgent and justify the same repeatedly, until you are convinced that you must have any particular thing. Rather realize that in moderating your flesh, your spiritual life is enabled to be most important.

There are so many diversions that are being put forth in these times of so-called great advancement. However, these diversions have taken people away from Me and into the realms of self-reliance. In such, they are relying on the god of “self” rather than Me. Their hearts grow hard, and they are lacking in compassion and understanding.

All of this comes about as they isolate themselves from that which I have intended for people to live by and be kept. When any people are recognizing their need of Me, then they are teachable, in the sense that they can be instructed and guided by My Holy Spirit in the way of truth.

There are many who falsely believe that secular education is the way of advancement. However, such education is of the world, and is daily growing more and more meaningless. Those who are supposedly advancing in the same are literally increasingly more distant from the truth. They are taught lies, and in believing the same, they become rebellious against Me.

Of course, the world is in opposition to Me, and the reason is that the end of the world is death and damnation. Those who pursue the ways of the world are not choosing the higher life that I provide and offer unto all who have an ear to hear.

While you see those who are claiming to be Christian indulging themselves in all manner of fleshly lusts, they are going in the ways of the world. If such do not repent and return to Me, their indulgences will take them down the damnation road. Do not believe that I have intended that My people would merely reflect the world. I have and still do intend that My people would reflect My Son Jesus.

Remember, in order to truly be a Christian, you must desire and seek to become Christ-like. This means that you follow the Holy Spirit as your guide and the one who instructs you in the way of My righteousness. Be serious about your commitments unto Me, and seek to please Me and not your own selves. When it is Me that you are pleasing, so are you enabled to perceive more and more clearly the way that I have for you to walk in.

Those who are merely indulging themselves as they live for the flesh are putting Me as the least important thing. In such a mindset, their hearts are far from Me, and they have eyes full of adultery. Why should you be living for the world and the vanities of the same, only to end in hell?

You do not have endless lives that you can come forth in. The truth is, you have only one life upon this earth, and the same is your proving ground. That is, you must choose what it is that you value. If you are full of fleshly lusts, you will be short-sighted and choose the here-and-now life, and the same will take you down the road of destruction and damnation.

When it is Me that you choose to look to and believe in as your purpose for being, then are you led by My Spirit in the way of the higher life. You will know for a surety that you must seek to please Me and not your own selves. Be glad even today that I have given to you the privilege to walk uprightly and to keep yourselves clean from the filthiness of the flesh.

Although Adam and Eve were close to Me in the Garden of Eden, they fell from that place because they indulged their flesh in that which I had forbidden them to partake of. In that disobedience, they brought all humankind into the bondage of carnality. No longer do people live for Me, as the vast majority live to indulge their flesh and suffer the consequences of the same.

I do not call you to the repetition of their mistakes. Therefore continue to serve Me with gladness. Know that through My Spirit you can be guided in the footsteps of My Son. In the same you are being transformed into the image and likeness of My only begotten.

Do not look to the world and expect to find the solid foundation of truth that will keep you standing as the winds of adversity blow upon you. Rather look to Me, for I am the One who will keep My people. As I bring them forth by a plain path, I give tender mercies.

While the world is full of corruption and destruction, do not think that you must partake of the same. I do not call you to partake of that which is destructive; you are called to partake of the constructive aspects that are of My kingdom, and by the same be inspired to greater achievements in Me. As you are following such a way, you are an inspiration to others to choose the higher way. Jesus is the higher way. Choose Him and live!