Unstable and Untrustworthy

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Be determined in Me, that is, do not choose the way of the world and be overwhelmed in the same. Each day, choose Me and be brought forth uplifted, directed and guided. Be thankful unto Me that I am the One who directs and guides you. Inasmuch as you are Mine, My intentions towards you are good and not evil.

As My disciples, you are meant to be determined and continuing steadfast in the course that is set before you. There are many you will meet along the way who are unstable, wavering and wandering far from Me. Such ones as these are a pain unto Me. Because they are double-minded, the instability of their ways makes them untrustworthy. Do not make it your practice to be in the company of the double-minded, for their compromise will infect you if you are not careful.

I have called you to walk uprightly in Me each day, rejoicing for the tender mercies that I have for you. Be glad to adhere unto Me as your Maker, your Creator. When you look at the condition of humanity in these times, how truly wretched many of them are, because they have chosen to worship idols, and in the same they have hardened their hearts against Me.

Over and over, I smite them to call their attention to Me, but they pay no heed. They are too busy doing those things that are a grief to Me. I desire that men and women would humble themselves and cry out in repentance and be restored to My way, which is the way of life.

Those of you who are faithful and true to Me are indeed rare jewels, and I cherish you as My people. Do not allow yourselves to be contaminated by the double-minded who are stagnated. Nor should you be in close associations with the idol worshipers who are following vanity and crying unto the wind.

In these times when My wrath is being openly displayed throughout the earth, few there are who are realizing how important it is that they give themselves wholeheartedly to Me. Instead, they are ever turning to the world to receive the mercies that only I can bring. Be thankful this day that you do not need to turn to the world, for I am ever present through My Holy Spirit to direct you.

Know that the world cannot restore righteousness, nor can it stop My wrath. The world is under the auspices of the evil one and his demon powers. This is why it is foolishness for My people to turn aside to that which is impure and ugly, thinking that somehow there are solutions in the same.

There is nothing to be found there, except the emptiness and futility that comes to the ones who are living in the imaginations of their own minds. Those whose understanding is darkened are full of the weariness of their own ways, and through the same they are devastated.

How much better it is to be determined disciples rather than those who are falling prey to the disruptive disturbances of demons. This is how I desire you to be: determined and desiring to please Me. Make up your minds and keep resolute in the same.

The double-minded weary themselves as well as others. They are continually wavering between two masters and cannot please either. As for Me, I do not find pleasure in them, nor do I trust their words, for the same are not true.

In order for a person’s words to be true, they must be true to Me as their God. They may quote truth, but the same has no conviction if they are not in true relationship with Me. It is one thing to utter words; it is another to put one’s life behind the words spoken. When any is puffed on pride, then they are holding others in contempt and assuming that they are superior to other believers.

This assumed superiority comes about because these ones are focused upon themselves rather than Me. They are not taking into consideration that it is Me the Living God they are meant to serve with gladness and rejoicing because I give to all parts of My people a portion. When you see the ones who have isolated themselves from fellowship with others who have remained true to Me, know that they are self-idolaters.

Reality is that “self” is the biggest idol of this time. Multitudes are bowing unto the same, believing in themselves rather than Me. Do not be as such, finding yourselves in confusion, with your hearts far from Me. Rather know that it is Me you are meant to serve with gladness and thanksgiving each and every day. I give you the way of My truth and empower you to walk in the same.

Consider how blessed you are to be serving Me rather than dumb idols and to be uplifted in the powerful presence of who I am. Thank Me each day that you have been redeemed from the penalty of your sins. Likewise, you’ve been given the new life that I provide unto those who believe in My Son Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

The more that you are adhering unto Me, the more that you find My mercies ever present to you. These mercies are given in accordance with the trust you have in Me and your reliance upon Me.

As I have said, you are not meant to be trusting in the world, nor the counselors of the same. Such as these can only help you to a degree, for they are not of My kingdom. Because they serve a different master, they withdraw themselves under pressure and are not stable.

Be glad that I am your Rock of refuge, and as you are trusting in Me, you are kept. There is no need to look away from Me; there is every reason to look unto Me.