Damnation Celebration

I speak unto you this day, My people, and I say: Be glad even now that you have been given the opportunity to live for Me. Hell is gorged and ever having to enlarge herself due to the souls who perish daily in their sins. You have, as I’ve said, the privilege to live for Me. Through My strength, you are enabled to pursue the course in life that leads you to My eternal abode.

Of course, it goes without repeating that you are living in times of gross darkness, when multitudes have chosen the pathway that leads to death and damnation. When people are choosing in opposition to Me, they become My enemies, as they are declaring that they are opposing Me and wanting to have their own way. Fools they are, for what they think is their own way is really the way of the devil.

The forces of darkness are multiplying rapidly as more and more people are looking for sin while abandoning righteousness. As they “sin search,” their hearts, being filled with evil, become more and more hardened towards Me and My righteousness. There is no reason to follow them in their absolute folly. There is every reason to follow Me in My way and find greater dimensions of joy opened to you.

Those who pursue sin’s course are short-sighted, in the sense that they are only looking for the here-and-now pleasures of sin. However, what they are failing to realize is that the enemy forces will offer their seductions in deceptive ways.

Once a person or persons have been seduced and ensnared, then their slavery to sin is made evident. The vast majority cannot escape such chains. Then they must live out their daily existences in the torments and agonies of the damned, only to face hell when they die.

If you look at the endless warnings that I have been giving to humanity in order to get them to look at their lives, you see that I am not only angry but deeply saddened at their refusal to repent. On and on they go, without a thought for tomorrow or for the future they will face throughout eternity. When I look at their ugliness and distortions, I deeply regret that they are so dull and dumb as to choose damnation and refuse salvation.

There are in these times multitudes who want to ignore reality. They take up many forms of diversions and addictions in order to “shut out the world” and live in their own worlds. However, what they are failing to realize is that in their “sin search,” they are giving themselves over to death.

In the process, they are settling for an existence that is far more ugly than the realities they are trying to escape. Those who take up addictive lifestyles are putting themselves into cruel, oppressive, and death-rendering bondage.

I never intended for humanity to know the miseries that are their estate in this life. Because of the blindness that comes upon them through pride and the sins of the same, they live the miserable existence that becomes their life-long entrapment. This is because they are certain that they know what they do. Quite obviously, they do not!

Be thankful this day that you do not have to walk in the way that is ugly and shameful. Rather, you can come forth in My way, which is beautiful and delightful, as you abide in the joy of My presence. Do not choose to go down into the dregs; choose to be uplifted, to be guided, and to be brought forth each day in Me. As you are looking to Me as the author and the finisher of your faith, you will see My enduring love for you shown forth.

In a hate filled world, be glad that I am present to give you My love and bless you each day. As you are partaking of the love that I give, think of how many there are who are engrossed in hate and every day growing worse. When you clearly see the difference between light and darkness, it becomes all the more evident to you why you should choose each day for Me.

As the times are evidence of My sore displeasure with the behaviors and attitudes of the majority, be glad that you can be found in the minority who desire Me. It is a good thing to be serving Me each day with gladness and rejoicing for the redemption you have from your sins. Without the salvation mercies you have through Jesus, you too could be a sin slave headed to hell. It is a terrible future to face; eternity in hell and no escape from the same.

I have given you the opportunity to have the life that is only found in Me, both here and in the future existence. When people think they escape when they die, they do not, for they only go into the way that is destruction, and there they are locked up, forever damned.

As some have experienced various prison houses in this life, know that it is only the foolish who would choose such a way for their eternal destiny. To be forever locked into the agonies and torments of the damned is an extremely cursed existence. My people, you are not intended to be cursed; you are intended to be blessed. No matter what your circumstances or situations may be, know that I will give you My mercies.

Do not choose the damnation celebration, for it is delusion. You will be in total confusion if you enter the same. Leave the damned to celebrate their own diversity, perversity, and participation in the death dance. Let your dance be one of jubilation because you are in celebration of My goodness and the joy that is found in Me.

Consider that you have been given the greatest gift, which is salvation through Jesus. You really have much to be thankful for and to celebrate this day, for you are alive in Me!