Earthly Riches Do Not Save from Hell

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful for My mercies that I extend to you continually. Do not cease to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude each and every day. It is Me who is your Maker, and it is Me who bears rule over you. Therefore, when you see how many are suffering under the natural disasters that are ever increasing, be appreciative of the mercies that I give to you each day.

Be aware that you are living in times when I the Living God am extending My wrath, fury and indignation throughout the earth. This is because the majority have chosen to worship idols rather than Me. I do not find pleasure in idolaters, for they are choosing dead gods. While they remain placid and dead in their idolatry, My anger is against them, for they are guilty of spiritual adultery.

There is no reason for humankind to be worshiping idols, but the same comes because they want to be in control. However, they are not in control as they would imagine themselves to be. Reality is that they are under the control of demonic forces, being held in captivity by those evil powers. When you see the manifestations of My anger against the nations, do not have sympathy for them. Had the nations that have known Me remained true, they would have had My peace and protection over them.

Do not think that you must cooperate with iniquity, for I do not call you to do so. Rather, I call you to be adhering unto Me and knowing that My way is the way perfect. It is given in mercy to all who will pay heed to Me as their Master and Lord. When you pay heed to My Holy Spirit and adhere to the directives, counsel, and commands given by the Spirit, so are you directed and guided forth in the way that I ordain.

I absolutely don’t intend for My people to be partakers of the sins of the heathen. Nor are they to imitate the ones who are a disgust to Me by their multiplied transgressions and violations of My way. I literally despise evil, and I desire that My people would likewise hate evil. I want My people to be ever uplifted and brought forth in the way that is My infinite mercy.

As I call My people to be separated from the world’s people, it is that they would shine forth with My glory. This is so that those who are serving idols would see how really good I am to the ones who are truly serving Me.

Sad to say, many of those who claim to be Mine are very involved in serving the world and believing in the folly of the same. Because they have chosen to walk under the shadow of Egypt, they receive the counsel of the world, which leads to death. This they choose above My counsel, which leads to eternal life in My kingdom. Such ones are a sorrow and a shame unto Me.

Be thankful this day that you do not have to follow after the ways of the heathen and be overwhelmed in the same. I do not intend you to be found in the way of transgressors, undergoing the hardship of the same. I do intend for you to walk uprightly each day, as you know the abundance of mercies that I provide to you as My people.

Consider how really abundant I am towards you; there is no other god that is able to provide and protect as I do. Do not, under any circumstance or situation, think that the ways of the world are superior to My way. The world is headed to destruction, death and damnation.

The kingdoms of the world are brought down repeatedly for their sins against Me, and they end in heaps of ruination. One day they imagine themselves sitting on-top of the world; the next day they have crashed in devastation. None of their “expert advisors” can save them from My wrath revealed against them.

It is not My pleasure to be pushed to the extent whereby I must bring down My wrath upon humankind. They continually sin and have no desire to repent and return to Me. Remember, I am the Creator of all that lives, and that includes all people. In the beginning, I created humankind to serve and worship Me. They are the ones who have sought out many deviations, and by the same brought sinful ruination to themselves.

As you see the many disasters released, know that the same are to increase if people do not repent. The fires of My wrath, fury and indignation are burning throughout the earth as I am releasing My heated anger upon humanity. I am doing this to call their attention to the fact that the fires of hell are ever burning, and the same are awaiting them if they don’t repent.

While certain sectors have made their fortunes off the plagues that I have released, know that they too will be plagued, for while they imagine their riches will keep them, it is not true. Even the richest will suffer as they are shown the error of their ways, yet they will not repent, for their trust is in the earthly riches they have accumulated. However, none can buy their way out of the plagues, nor the death of the same. When their time is over upon this earth, their earthly riches can’t prevent them from being cast headlong into hell.

Will you truly listen and continue to walk in the attitude of gratitude before Me and serve Me with gladness? If you veer out of My way and I chastise you, be thankful for the same. My correction towards you is given because I love you and cherish you as My people. Endure the chastening and come forth as My bright and shining lights to this sin-cursed, dark world.