Arms of Hell Wide Open

I speak unto you this day and I say that My kingdom is the kingdom of power and glory, and there is no other kingdom that is like Mine. It is Me the Living God who ordains that men and women would walk uprightly and serve Me during their days upon this earth. I do not intend that My people would look to the kingdoms of men and imagine there is power and glory in the same, for there is not.

Be reminded that humankind is nothing more than grass without Me. They grow up, they flourish, they wither, and they die. Then they are blown by the wind and return to the earth from which they came. In such a cycle, they are remembered no more.

I call men and women to serve Me that they could live forever in My kingdom and be found in the heavenly dimensions of My life. I never intended for men and women to be separated from Me. Such came about when the first Adam and his wife Eve listened to the liar and fell into sin because they believed the lies of the serpent.

Know that I do not intend for you to listen to the lies of the liar and be separated from Me by the same. I intend that you would pay heed to Me and listen to My words of life and obey them. I do guide and direct the ones who will listen to My Spirit and obey the directives given through Him. I do not desire My people to end in a ditch and be sunk in the mire of sin.

It is a good thing when people choose My Son Jesus and seek to follow in His steps. I do not intend that they would veer off and go in the way of deception and be overwhelmed in the same. I intend that My people would walk in the way that is upright all of their days so that they would receive the blessedness that I have in store for the obedient.

As it has been written, in obedience to Me is My life found. Therefore, be partaking of that life day by day with gladness and rejoicing because I am the One who is the very origin of life and the Creator of all who live. Do not be led into the death trap of lies, whereby the devil and his demons lure you into a way that is not of Me.

In these times, there are many deceiving spirits that have taken up their habitation in this earth. These deceiving spirits lead men and women down the road of pride, and by the same they are blinded. I do not intend for you to be blinded, nor to be found in the prison house of pride. I have intended that My people would choose to walk in the way that I provide. It is the way that they are uplifted, then given the power and the glory that are present in My kingdom.

Remember that My kingdom is Almighty and that I am the One who raises up nations and pulls them down. Keeping this in mind, do not live in fear of the nations, nor of the kingdoms of men. Know that it is Me the Living God who is caring for you, and that you are not alone. I do not desire that My people would live in the fear of earthly kingdoms and by the same be afraid of Me. When you are seeking to please Me, then I will be well pleased in you.

Absolutely do not be as the foolish ones who although they claim to be Mine, are adhering to the world and the powers therein. In such behaviors, they are displeasing unto Me, and I am disappointed in them. Therefore, they do not receive the mercies that they would have otherwise received of Me.

I do not call My people to worldliness and the sins that accompany the same. When the ones who are claiming to be Mine are adhering to the world’s ways and having their kinship with the world, they are proving to be unworthy of Me. I intend that My people would know Me and not the liar.

Those who are following the worldly are choosing the deceit of the same. Why should you join forces with that which is darkness, then claim that you are serving Me? I will give My light, My love and My life to the ones who are choosing Me as their Master and Lord. The ones who follow after the darkness of the world will be found in the company of the damned.

Consider that the end of all carnality is death and damnation of soul. When you see the ones who are choosing to follow lies and the lying spirits that are feeding them such, they are choosing damnation. Do not choose damnation; rather be choosing the salvation that I have for you and be thankful for the same.

There are many ways that seem right to men in their carnal understanding. However, those ways are death and will take them down the road of their own destruction. Thank Me even this day that you do not need to be destroyed by choices for damnation.

Each day, be choosing Me and let the same become your lifelong pursuit, for when you are choosing Me, you are selecting the kingdom of life rather than the kingdom of death. Of course, hell is filled with those who thought they could follow the liar and then somehow be accepted by Me. However, they were deceived as they followed after confusion and delusion.

There is no reason to be deluded and led by confusion, for I give to all who ask of Me My Holy Spirit, and He will lead you into all truth. Be thankful each day that My Spirit is ever present and will show you the way wherein you can walk and be kept by Me.

Do not pursue the world nor fear the powers of the same. Look to Me, for I am the triumphant God, and My truth triumphs over lies. Be glad that you are not headed down to eternal damnation with the arms of hell wide open to receive you.